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Bamboo Shelter

Building Occupancy / Site Capacity: 

Project Name: Bamboo Shelter

>> An innovative use of local materials, such as bamboo, for an elegant weather proof and easy to assemble emergency shelter. <<

Project Type:

Project Mission/Goal:
increase awareness of the environment and/or address climate change
respond to our growing need for shelter

Project Description:
This inexpensive, easy-to-build emergency shelter was designed by the
Iranian architect, Pouya Khazaeli Parsa of RAI Studio in Tehran, from
bamboo and other natural materials to be constructed by three
"amateurs" in less than two days. The original shelter in Mazandaran,
Iran was made from a bamboo frame supported by a base of gas pipes
purchased from a local market. The frame is covered with rice stems,
which expand when wet to stop rain from coming in, and contract when
dried by the sun to create natural ventilation. The shelter can be
moved quickly and easily, but is resistant to strong winds and

text from: Alice Rawsthorn

All images / drawings by Pouya Khasaeli Parsa + Majid Zamani


Project Details: (Per project detail form)
Location: Ramsar, Mazandaran, Iran
Concept/Lead Architect(s)/Designer(s): Pouya Khazaeli Parsa
Project Architect(s): Pouya Khazaeli Parsa
Year (s): March 2009
Client: Mr. Manouchehr Miramad
User Client: Mr. Ibrahim Latifi
Number of beneficiaries/users: Mr. Latifi's Family (3 persons)
Project Phase:
Major Funding: Mr. Manouchehr Miramad (the client)
Cost/Cost per unit: $1,200 USD / $30 USD / square meter
Area (if applicable): 40 sqm/430 sqf
Structural Engineers: N/A
Electrical/Mechanical Engineers: N/A
Contractor/Manufacturer: N/A
Additional Consultants: N/A

Nominated by Cameron Sinclair


Ramsar, Mazandaran

Competition Category Entered

Competition Details

The competition entry ID for this project is 6447.

Project Details

NAME: Bamboo Shelter
PROJECT LEAD: Pouya Khazaeli Parsa
LOCATION: Ramsar, Mazandaran, Iran
START DATE: January 08, 2010
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete
COST: $1200 USD (Final)
SIZE: 40 sq. m
PROJECT TYPE: Emergency Shelter
FUNDING: Manouchehr Mirdamad
OCCUPANCY: 4 people
CONTRACTOR(S): Javad Abbasi
DESIGN TEAM: Javad Abbasi, Kaveh Akef, Milad Haghnejad, Pouya Khazaeli Parsa
CLIENT: Manouchehr Mirdamad
BENEFICIARIES: Family of Ibrahim Latifi


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