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Hollygrove Growers Market and Farm


Hollygrove Growers Market and Farm

>> Building a simple sustainable farmers market structure to support rehabilitation of post disaster communities and revive local economy. <<

Project Type:
6) architecture

Project Mission/Goal:
5) other: creating fresh food access in underserved neighborhoods, improving health, green job creation, neighborhood recovery

Project Description:
Located in the heart of New Orleans, the Carrollton-Hollygrove Neighborhood is in desperate need of extensive re-development in the post-Katrina era. One urgent issue is the development of infrastructure and resources that support a healthy food system and benefit the community through the availability of fresh foods, beautiful neighborhoods and the promotion of a vibrant local economy. To implement some of these important incentives, the Carrollton-Hollygrove Community Development Corporation (CHCDC) and the New Orleans Food and Farm Network (FFN) have partnered with the Tulane City Center to create the Hollygrove Growers Market & Farm (HGM&F), a storefront retail center in Hollygrove offering locally-grown, affordable fresh produce as well as a ‘green jobs’ certification programs in urban agriculture.

A major component of the CHCDC’s revitalization and recovery work involves promoting sustainable living and healthy lifestyles through support of local growers and accessibility of fresh regional and local produce for neighborhood residents. The community food center will be a centerpiece for FFN’s food security recovery planning. Combined with the training farm, the HGM&F is contributing greatly to the revitalization of Hollygrove, serving as an important step in making the neighborhood sustainable and acting as a catalyst for future city-wide innovation.

In addition to masterplanning the site, Tulane students designed and built the Hollygrove Growers Pavilion, a structure which provides a shaded space for teaching and serves as an example of environmentally conscious building. The pavilion collects rainwater for use in the training gardens, incorporates recycled content building materials, and has a focus on minimizing construction waste.

Links and Captions:

HollygrovePavilion copy.jpg
© Emilie Taylor
Growers Pavilion and entry to the Hollygrove Growers Market and Farm
CC: Tulane City Center

IMG_1786 copy.jpg
© Emilie Taylor
Inside the Hollygrove Growers Market, Greg sells Plantains to a marketgoer
CC: Tulane City Center

IMG_5612 copy.jpg
© Emilie Taylor
Macon Fry, leading a gardening class - On site at the Hollygrove Market and Farm
CC: Tulane City Center

Project Details:
Project Location: New Orleans, LA - Hollygrove Neighborhood
Date(s): August 2008 to January 2009 (pavilion design build)
Project Phase: Master Planing and first few phases built - ongoing
Client: Carrollton Hollygrove CDC
User Client: Hollygrove neighborhood / City of New Orleans
Description and Number of Beneficiaries/Users: 2000+ registered market goers to date
Major Funding: Blue Moon Foundation, Aveeno Beauty Products
Concept/Lead Architect(s)/Designer(s): Cordula Roser, Dan Etheridge
Project Architect(s)/Designer(s): Cordula Roser, Emilie Taylor, Sam Richards,
Structural Engineers: Walter Zehner
Electrical/Mechanical Engineers:
Additional Consultants: New Orleans Food and Farm Network, FutureProof, Carrollton-Hollygrove Community Development Corporation (CHCDC), and the Tulane City Center
Total Cost/Cost per Unit: $16,000 for the Pavilion
Area (if applicable):
Photo/Image Credit(s) Emilie Taylor
File Specifications:

Nominated by: The Tulane City Center


8301 Olive Street
New Orleans, Louisiana
United States

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Project Details

NAME: Hollygrove Growers Market and Farm
PROJECT LEAD: Cordula Roser
LOCATION: 8301 Olive Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
START DATE: August 26, 2008
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete
SIZE: 43560 sq. ft
PROJECT TYPE: Marketplace - Outdoor
BENEFICIARIES: The Hollygrove neighborhood primarily, and the New Orleans Community as well who have been going to the market to buy fresh locally grown produce, eggs, and meat


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