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Goyena Preschool


Goyena Preschool

Project Type:

Project Mission/Goal:
Our mission is to support human, community and economic development in the León region of Nicaragua, and promote understanding between U.S. students and global communities. We provide rural development by building schools and other projects of importance to communities, we introduce students to world citizenship through our Global Education Travel program, we invest in economic development through small-scale cooperative business projects, and we leverage our efforts by continually introducing new organizational partners that provide additional development programs to the communities.

Project Description:
This is a phased project over three years. It is a two-classroom preschool building. It is constructed of rammed earth and reinforced concrete, with steel purlins and corrugated metal roof. It also has an office and comedor at either end of the building constructed of decorated cement block for ventilation. To offset the heating characteristics of the roofing material, an interior sloping ceiling is designed to both insulate the interior and create a chimney like draft to help ventilate the interior. The project is was built with the help of the community, volunteer and school groups from the United States including Drew School and Sonoma Academy.
(Text from: ViviendasLeon Mission/Background)


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Project Details:
Project Location:Goyena, Nicaragua
Date(s): 2005 - 2007
Project Phase: Complete and in use
Client: People of Goyena, Nicaragua
User Client:
Description and Number of Beneficiaries/Users: Preschool children of Goyena
Major Funding:
Concept/Lead Architect(s)/Designer(s):
Project Architect(s)/Designer(s): The project is was built with the help of the community, volunteer and school groups from the United States including Drew School and Sonoma Academy.
Structural Engineers:
Electrical/Mechanical Engineers:
Additional Consultants:
Total Cost/Cost per Unit: $7,400
Area (if applicable):
Photo/Image Credit(s): ViviendasLeon,
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Project Details

NAME: Goyena Preschool
PROJECT LEAD: Evan Markiewicz
LOCATION: Goyena, Nicaragua
START DATE: January 08, 2005
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete
COST: $7400 USD (Final)
PROJECT TYPE: Education Facility - Day Care/Children’s Facility
BENEFICIARIES: The community members of Goyena, Nicaragua.


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