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The Building Tomorrow Academy of Gita


The Building Tomorrow Academy of Gita

Project Type:

Project Mission/Goal:
respond to our growing need for clean water, power, shelter, healthcare, education

Project Description:
The BT Academy of Gita is the first-ever permanent public school structure to serve seven villages and approximately 325 children in and around Gita, Uganda.

Financially backed by the student chapter of BT at UVA, the 2800 square foot building was designed by 15 senior-level UVA architecture students through studio reCOVER and five UVA engineering students through the Engineering in Context Capstone Design Program. The construction of the BT Academy of Gita marks the first time in BT’s history that a cross-discipline team from the same campus provided both the funds and construction design for a new project. Consistent with Building Tomorrow's cost-sharing model, members of the Gita community will provide more than 25,000 hours of donated labor to build the new academy.

Studio reCOVER, is an initiative that focuses on research, design and fabrication of humanitarian designs that are shared with the general public, disaster relief agencies and those in need of assistance, with an ultimate goal of designing and building safe, healthy and sustainable communities around the world.

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Project Details: (per Project Details form, April 2010)
Location: Gita, Wakiso District, Uganda
Concept/Lead Architect(s)/Designer(s): Studio reCOVER and University of Virginia
Project Architect(s):
Year (s): October 2008- February 2010
Client: Building Tomorrow
User Client: Community of Gita
Number of beneficiaries/users: primary school to serve 325 children
Project Phase: completed
Major Funding: undergraduate students and Building Tomorrow University of Virginia chapter
Cost/Cost per unit: $40,000 (verify cost with George Srour, Director, Building Tomorrow)
Area (if applicable):
Structural Engineers: Ewan Smith, ARUP
Electrical/Mechanical Engineers:
Additional Consultants: Building Tomorrow, Uganda
Photo/Image Credits: Building Tomorrow, Inc.

Nominated by Satu Jackson


Gita,Wakiso District

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Project Details

NAME: The Building Tomorrow Academy of Gita
LOCATION: Gita,Wakiso District, Uganda
START DATE: January 08, 2010
CURRENT PHASE: In construction


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