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EDAR -- Everyone Deserves A Roof

Project Type:
industrial/product design

Project Mission/Goal:
improve the human spirit
respond to our growing need for clean water, power, shelter, healthcare, education

Project Description:
EDAR (Everyone Deserves A Roof) provides shelter to the homeless in an innovative cost and usage effective way. The EDAR unit is a purpose-specific, special four-wheeled enclosed device, very roughly reminding one of a covered shopping cart.

During the day, the EDAR unit is used to pursue the necessities of life. Personal belongings are secured by the use of locks. The front and back of the cart have storage baskets with removable canvas pouches. The unit is waterproof and provides protection for what it contains. EDAR's wheels are better than a supermarket cart's, being slightly larger and easier to steer in a consistent fashion. There are two brake and locking mechanisms which ensure the unit will not move on its own.

At night, the EDAR unit easily hinges out and down to Night Mode in less than 30 seconds, becoming a sleeping unit. Unfolding the unit allows it to lock in place as the flat metal base extends. The metal and wood base has a mattress and military-grade canvas cover, providing a robust tent-like shelter. The unit is flame-retardant, waterproof, windproof and helps protect from the elements. There are translucent windows that provides light and a view of the surrounding area. By re-folding the unit, the EDAR quickly returns to Day Mode.

Los Angeles
- There are 73,702 homeless people on any given night in Los Angeles County; over half of them are in the City of Los Angeles.
- There are 141,737 homeless people annually in Los Angeles County.
- Approximately 83% of the homeless people identified in the point-in-time count were unsheltered, sleeping in the streets, alleys, autos, encampments, overpasses, doorways, tents, unconverted garages, sheds, and the like while only 17% were living in either emergency shelters or transitional housing programs.
(Estimate: LAHSA 2007 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count)

United States
- Each year, more than 3 million people experience homelessness in the United States, including 1.3 million children.
(Estimate: National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty)
- Of 23 major US cities surveyed, an average of 23% of shelter requests by homeless people are estimated to have gone unmet
- Of the surveyed cities, 77% of the emergency shelters estimate they will have to turn away homeless people, other than families, because of a lack of resources.
(Estimate: United States Conference of Mayors: Homeless and Hunger Survey December 2006)

Text from:

"This is one of the greatest damn gifts you could ever give to anybody."

-Christopher Raynor
Current domicile: a patch of dirt behind some pampas grass and coastal sage scrub where Pacific Coast Highway meets Temescal Canyon Road, in the backyard of Pacific Palisades.

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Project Details:
Project Location: Los Angeles, California
Date(s): 2008 to present
Project Phase:
User Client:
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Major Funding:
Concept/Lead Architect(s)/Designer(s):
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Structural Engineers:
Electrical/Mechanical Engineers:
Additional Consultants:
Total Cost/Cost per Unit: $500 to sponsor one EDAR unit
Area (if applicable):
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Nominated by Cameron Sinclair


1015 Gayley Ave. Suite 357
Los Angeles, California
United States


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Project Details

LOCATION: 1015 Gayley Ave., Los Angeles, California, United States
START DATE: January 08, 2010
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete
COST: $500 USD (Final)
PROJECT TYPE: Homeless Shelter
BENEFICIARIES: While respecting permanent and temporary housing for the homeless in group settings which use buildings to provide shelter, EDAR addresses the unrepresented hundreds of thousands of homeless people amongst us for whom no beds are available or who are unable or unwilling to participate in those solutions.


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