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Haiti Language Tools


Freelang Dictionary

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Internal Rebuilding Center Dictionary

English <> French

501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Organisation à but non lucratif 501(c)(3)

Application form

Formulaire d'inscription

Architecture for Humanity

Architecture for Humanity

Architectural Design Competition

Concours d'Architecture

Civil Society Initiative

Initiative de la Société Civile

Business Development Service

Service pour le Développement des Entreprises

Design and Construction Services

Services de Conception et de Construction

Economic and Social Assistance Fund

Fonds d'Assistance Economique et Sociale (FAES)

Economic Development Corporation

Agence Locale de Développement Economique

Economic corridor

Corridor Economique

Grant contract

Contrat de subvention



umlaut in FR!

Haiti School Initiative

Initiative en faveur des Ecoles Haïtiennes

Local Capacity Building Program

Programme d'Appui au Développement des Capacités Locales

Monitoring and evaluation

Suivi et évaluation

Neighborhood Business Association

Association des Entreprises Locales

Reconstruction Center

Centre de Reconstruction

Support Program

Programme d'Appui

Technical Assistance

Assistance Technique

Small Business Reconstruction Fund

Fonds de Financement pour la Reconstruction des PME

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Protocole d'accord

Legal phrases

English <> French

to agree to the terms of the contract

accepter les conditions du contrat

at will

au gré des parties

in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the contract

aux conditions stipulées dans le contrat

it being understood that

étant entendu que

in witness whereof

en foi de quoi

to undertake to carry out the operation under one's own responsability

s'engager à mettre en oeuvre l'action sous sa propre responsabilité

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Construction terms

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Project posted by Kay Strasser

Project Details

NAME: Haiti Language Tools
LOCATION: Unspecified location
START DATE: June 05, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: Design development


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