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Redesign of Columbus Circle


Redesign of Columbus Circle

Project Type:
Landscape Design

Project Mission/Goal:
Improve the Human Spirit

Project Description:
- The redesign of an historic traffic circle on the southwest corner
of Frederick Law Olmsted’s Central Park in New York City;

- An addition to the public realm of New York and a pedestrian
destination in a busy and complex urban intersection;

- A new urban park connecting Central Park to pedestrian traffic
on Eighth Avenue, Broadway, and 59th Street in New York;

- A 225,000-square-foot transportation hub designed to
accommodate subway transit, automotive, and pedestrian
needs. (Below ground, the IND and IRT subway lines criss-cross
the site with related stations still under renovation in the
adjacent Time Warner Center and between Time Warner
Center and the Trump Hotel);

- The forecourt of the new Time Warner Center, the Central
Park Merchants’ Gate entrance, and the Two Columbus Circle
structures to be occupied by the Museum of Art and Design;

- A new context for the 40-foot-high marble monument to
Christopher Columbus sculpted by Gaetano Russon and
dedicated on October 12, 1892;

- A reconfiguration of subterranean infrastructure involving a
complex mix of public and private utilities.
source: Case Study, The Bruner Foundation.

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Project Details:
Project Location: New York, New York, USA
Date(s): Completed 2005
Project Phase: Complete
Client: New York City Dept. of Parks and Recreation
User Client:
Description and Number of Beneficiaries/Users: Residents and visitors to New York City
Major Funding:
Concept/Lead Architect(s)/Designer(s): Laurie Olin, Principal, The Olin Partnership
Project Architect(s)/Designer(s): Brian O'Connell, Vollmer Assoc., Claire Kahn Tuttle, WET Design, Phillip Habbib, Phillip Habbib & Assoc.
Structural Engineers:
Electrical/Mechanical Engineers: Consentini Assoc.
Contractor/Manufacturer: Tully Construction
Additional Consultants:
Total Cost/Cost per Unit: $23,500,000
Area (if applicable): 225,000 SF
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File Specifications:

Nominated by Mark Warren


Columbus Circle
New York City, New York
United States

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Project Details

NAME: Redesign of Columbus Circle
PROJECT LEAD: The Olin Partnership
LOCATION: Columbus Circle, New York City, New York, United States
START DATE: January 08, 2010
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete
COST: $23500000 USD (Final)
SIZE: 225000 sq. ft
PROJECT TYPE: Landscapes/Parks/Outdoor Spaces
BENEFICIARIES: The residents and visitors to New York City


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