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Coleman Oval Park


The Urban Web, under the Manhattan Bridge, transformed an underused portion of the Coleman Oval Skatepark on Manhattan's Lower East Side, into a multi-sensory interactive installation. The inspirations for web's iconic design were influenced by the dynamic cable geometries of the Manhattan Bridge, as well as the chaotic street grid that forms the Lower East Side. It is our passion for humanitarian design that inspired us to take a minimally invasive approach in using ropes to create unique volumes and intriguing spaces to be enjoyed by all. While the web compliments the adjacent skate park, it also functions on its own to be used for street performances, or just to frame an urban room.

The project was put up the week of October 20th. The project team spent the day putting up the installation and interacting with the Park's visitors. The team interviewed visitors about what they would like to see in the park. Our team posted the responses here, It is our hope that our research will lead to the park being updated in a way that will speak to the park's users.


62 Pike Street
New York City, New York 10002
United States


Project Details

NAME: Coleman Oval Park
LOCATION: 62 Pike Street, New York City, New York 10002, United States
START DATE: April 26, 2012
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete
COST: $1500 USD (Unspecified)
SIZE: 400 Unspecified
PROJECT TYPE: Urban Planning, Theater (Stage), Temporary Shelter, Museum/Gallery, Cultural Display, Community Center
DESIGN TEAM: Waldo Mariscal
, Giulia Gallo
DESIGN TEAM: Montgomery Wilkenson
DESIGN TEAM: Mrunalini Kulkarni
, Megan Fullagar
BENEFICIARIES: People who live in the surrounding neighborhood will have an artistic platform to view the adjacent skatepark
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Our Project will be completely non-invasive