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Collège Cœur Immaculé de Marie, Phase 2


Collège Cœur Immaculé de Marie (CIM) in downtown Port-au-Prince will rebuild permanent facilities for 850 girls in grades 1-12. The school, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012, was completely destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. The program for the new school will include 24 classrooms including science classrooms, a computer lab, library and media room, new administrative spaces, kitchen, new bathrooms, a large multi-purpose room, and dedicated sport courts and gardens. The project will be developed and built over the span of 24 months beginning in September 2012.

The school is supported by the FIDEMA Foundation in Belgium, and is under the direction of the Soeurs de Filles de Marie. The school is dedicated to providing the highest level of academic achievement for the neediest students. There are 67 teachers who run a progressive curriculum in a program supported by the Government of Haiti sponsoring new directions in education. This includes a two tier program with electives in art history, economics, and other classes outside the regular curriculum.


Rue de Travail 3eme Bois Verna

Project Details

NAME: Collège Cœur Immaculé de Marie, Phase 2
PROJECT LEAD: Charles Sheppard
LOCATION: Rue de Travail 3eme, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
START DATE: January 15, 2014
CURRENT PHASE: In construction
PROJECT TYPE: Education Facility - Primary School
DESIGN TEAM: Sven Kalim, Sayem Khan, Gabriela Semeco
CLIENT: Soeur Philomene Fabre, Soeur Lucie Sanon