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Bridger School Pavilion


AFH Portland is currently working with the Bridger School PTA in Portland with a feasibility study/pricing concept for an outdoor play structure. Currently the school has no covered area under which kids can play at recess. This puts a strain on their teachers, since the gym is used as both cafeteria and recess. Moving forward, we hope to produce a refined design and fundraising materials for the pavilion.


7910 SE Market
Portland, Oregon 97215
United States

Project Details

NAME: Bridger School Pavilion
PROJECT LEAD: Scott Kosmecki
LOCATION: 7910 SE Market , Portland, Oregon 97215, United States
START DATE: June 29, 2012
PROJECT TYPE: Public Space/Gathering Space, Landscapes/Parks/Outdoor Spaces, Education Facility - Primary School
BENEFICIARIES: Children and teachers at the Bridger School. Community members.
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Will compliment existing rain garden/stormwater plan.