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Baikado-Factory Building(梅花堂本社工場)

Building Occupancy / Site Capacity: 

Baikado is an established Japanese confectionary shop founded in 1918. Two brothers have been maintaining the business since the passing of their father, with the elder brother making traditional Japanese sweets,and the younger brother making Western ones. By collaborating together, they are coming up with new ideas for their sweets.

Shiogama has a famous shrine, making it a tourist destination. Collaborating with the Shiogama City office, Baikado has worked to create sweets that promote its tourism and have become an important company to the city.

The main factory and four stores in Shiogama were heavily damaged by the tsunami and had to be demolished. Currently their production occurs in a small space in Sendai, making its capacity significantly less than what the main factory was able to provide previously. Baikado is working hard towards rebuilding their main factory by the end of the fiscal year.

MakiBiz RFP Program
This project is one of the businesses that were selected for the MakiBiz Request for Proposal (RFP) program, which supports the rebuilding of small businesses and entrepreneurs who were affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake that devastated the Tohoku region in 2011.


Shiogama, Miyagi
Project posted by hiromitabei

Project Details

NAME: Baikado-Factory Building(梅花堂本社工場)
PROJECT LEAD: Architecture for Humanity
LOCATION: Kitahama , Shiogama, Miyagi, Japan
START DATE: August 05, 2013
CURRENT PHASE: In construction
COST: $1004493 USD (Estimated)
SIZE: 894 sq. m
ARCHITECT: Masumi Misaka/O Architectural Design Office
ARCHITECT OF RECORD: Osamu Nakanome/O Architectural Design Office
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Osamu Nakanome/O Architectural Design Office