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Fresh Moves Mobile Market


Project Name: Fresh Moves Mobile Market

>> A proposal for a mobile fresh fruit and produce store, built in a retrofitted city transit bus, to restore
urban food access to low income communities. <<

Project Type:
6) architecture

Project Mission/Goal:
4) address humanitarian crises - using a re-purposed city transit bus to serve as a mobile grocery store to Chicago's food deserts.

Project Description:
Fresh Moves Mobile Market is a proposal for a mobile store, built in a retrofitted city transit bus, to restore
urban food access. Fresh Moves Mobile Market will focus on providing fresh fruit and produce. A July 2006 study sheds light on a major facet of community disinvestment in Chicago’s African-American communities: the lack of grocery stores. The study examines the phenomenon of “food deserts," described as “communities with little or no access to grocery stores and quality, nutritious food choices." Roughly one in six Chicago residents lives in a food desert. The report demonstrated statistically significant relationships between food access and diet-related disease, including diabetes and obesity, and premature death. A significant part of the cost and risk in grocery retail lies in real estate. This involves tremendous cost, and is an irreversible decision once made. Minimizing the real estate aspect of the business could reduce start-up costs and lower risk for a new enterprise.

Parameters and Design Considerations:
- Chicago Transit Authority bus
- Four season operation
- Green, sustainable and energy efficient technologies (i.e., bio-diesel fuel, solar-powered sound
system, reused materials, etc.)
- Appropriate shelving, refrigeration and storage for produce
- Accessible/universal design
- Storage area for packaged pre-ordered produced boxes/bags
- Space for income generating signage/advertisements
- Easy loading and unloading produce
- Space for point of purchase area
- Area for educational and promotional materials
- Speedy Construction (easily replicated)

The Chicago Public Transit Authority has agreed to donate a bus to the project, helping to move forward with scheduling and the budget.

Links and Captions:

Project Details: (Per project detail form)
Location: Chicago, Illinois (United States)
Concept/Lead Architect(s)/Designer(s): Architecture for Humanity Chicago Chapter
Project Architect(s): Architecture for Humanity Chicago Chapter
Project Partner(s): Food Desert Action, Good City, Architecture for Humanity Chicago Chapter
Year (s): September 2009 - December 2010
Client: Food Desert Action
User Client: Chicago residents
Number of beneficiaries/users: Chicago's food desert residents
Project Phase: concept design / fund-raising
Major Funding: Chase Foundation, Polk Brothers, USGBC/Greenbuild, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago Transit Authority, Boeing, Whitney Young High School, WM Display, EPIC
Cost/Cost per unit: TBD
Area (if applicable): +/- 400 sq.ft.
Structural Engineers: N/A
Electrical/Mechanical Engineers: Alan Levin
Contractor/Manufacturer: Paul Schribba
Additional Consultants: N/A

Nominated by: Frederika Zipp


Chicago, Illinois
United States


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Competition Details

The competition entry ID for this project is 6139.

Project Details

NAME: Fresh Moves Mobile Market
PROJECT LEAD: Architecture for Humanity - Chicago
LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois, United States
START DATE: August 18, 2006
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
SIZE: 400 sq. ft
PROJECT TYPE: Public Transportation, Public Space/Gathering Space, Marketplace - Outdoor, Health Clinic, Community Center
DESIGN TEAM: J. Altshuler, M. Brown, L. Bouchard, L. Bowe, K. Darnstadt, J. Joyce, T. Hagerty, T. Kress, T. Kubik, M. Rod, L. Murray
FUNDING: Boeing; chicago transportation authority; chiWest resourcenet; GreenBuild; JP Morgan chase; Polk Brothers; uIc urban Health Pro
ADDITIONAL CONSULTANT: Mari Gallagher (concept author)
DESIGN FIRM: Architecture for Humanity - Chicago
ADDITIONAL SUPPORT: teven casey, sheelah Muhammad, Jeffrey Pinzino, Khalilah Worley
BENEFICIARIES: Residents of Chicago's food deserts


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