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Adobe Structure1


The prototype designed by “Rai Studio (Architecture for Humanity Tehran)”
for Afghan refugees live in the center of Iran near Kerman in demand and collaboration with
NRC (Norwegian Refugee Council).

Social sustainability in design is our main focus area here. It means to study how these refugees live, communicate, the meaning of privacy in their live, which materials they prefer and use for construction, which kind of construction techniques they use themselves, how much they spend normally to construct their own shelters and ……….

According to our mission the best strategy could be:
1-To use their own construction techniques and materials but develop it and find easy solution to solve the problems.
2-To understand the spatially quality of the existing shelters they made themselves and the functions, then put it through an architectural diagram to solve the problem in design.

The problems we chose the strategy for are:
1-How to make the shelter strong and earthquake resistance or having the least damage in earthquake. (The existing ones are not safe and strong enough even in a normal situation)
2-How to deal with the erosion problem, the most damaged part of these walls made by mud is in their base where they touch the ground and become humid.
3-The existing roofs leak while its rain and not waterproof
4-The existing shelters are cold in winter and hot in summer.
5-The refugees seems to need a private yard, to take the light from and at the same time not to be open to the public, a closed yard space they can rest in, something like a Persian courtyard.
6-It seems that the refugees need small rooms to keep their birds and also storage that have an easy and almost open access to the shelter.
7-The existing shelters do not have enough fresh air and light.

The design that has been presented here, try to solve these problems.



Project posted by pouyakhazaeli


Project Details

NAME: Adobe Structure1
PROJECT LEAD: Pouya Khazaeli
LOCATION: Bardsir, Iran
START DATE: October 31, 2012
CURRENT PHASE: Design development