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東北復興プログラム / Tohoku Rebuilding Program


Architecture for Humanity is collaborating with local design and construction professionals to reconstruct the northern region of Japan, where the earthquake and tsunami hit on March 11, 2011. It has been three years since the disaster, but many communities still need assistance in long-term reconstruction.

Recovery from disaster requires a holistic approach. The integration of construction services with business support services is key to the long-term economic recovery of the region. MakiBiz, our regional office in Japan, provides design, construction, and business development services to communities in the Tohoku region.

This year we will look beyond "post-disaster reconstruction", and continue working with people who are building an active and resilient future of Tohoku. We welcome your continuous support and the opportunity to partner with you.


Urban Acupuncture

In the same way that one acupuncture needle can influence the overall health of a body, we believe that a single key project in a community can work to create a positive ripple effect to help the entire affected community in its recovery process.

Economic Development
A number of financial lifelines - engines that allow communities to become self-reliant, were devastated by the tsunami. We are looking to help local shops and businesses recover, open, create jobs, and collectively provide a sustainable financial future.

Education and Welfare
Children and elderly become particularly vulnerable portions of the population in the wake of a disaster. There is an urgent need to reconstruct spaces for children to learn and play, and for elderly to socialize and obtain the resources they require in every day life.

Access to Sports
We have identified that providing access to sports through the built environment is of strong initial importance, since it aids in rebuilding ties between individuals and promotes physical and mental health.

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Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture

Minamisanriku-cho, Motoyoshi-gun, Miyagi Prefecture

Tamiko Abe
Minamisanriku-cho, Motoyoshi-gun, Miyagi Prefecture
Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture


Oikawa Denki
Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture

Mitazono Wakaba Kindergarten
Natori, Miyagi Prefecture

Park for All in Kamaishi
Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture

Tesuki-washi Ushiogami
Sasaya, Shibata-gun, Miyagi Prefecture

Yamayo Suisan
Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture

Yamadai-Utsumi Suisan
Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture

Kitakami "We Are One" Collaborative
Kitakami, Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture

Maeami-hama Community House
Maeami-hama, Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture

Paper Crane Sculpture
Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture

Oshika House - Women's Cooperative
Ayukawa-hama, Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture

Shizugawa Fishermen's Workspace "Banya"
Shizugawa, Minami-sanriku-cho, Miyagi Prefecture

Hikado Marketplace and Mobile Noodle Shop
Motoyoshi, Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi Prefecture

Ohya Green Sports Park
Motoyoshi, Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi Prefecture

Akahama Covered Alley
Otsuchi-cho, Kamihei-gun, Iwate Prefecture

Shizugawa Judo Juku
Shizugawa, Minami-sanriku-cho, Miyagi Prefecture

Sasaki Tekko
Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture

"Road Home" Funds
Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture

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Click on the images below to see video testimonials from a few of our beneficiaries.
Ushiogami Testimonial Wakaba Kindergarten Testimonial

Kitakami We Are One

Konpiramaru Park for All
*Additional information about Naoya from Konpiramaru can be found here.


Yoichi Wakabayashi Akinobu Yoshikawa Miku Kano

Eric Cesal Michael Steiner Hiromi Tabei Yuko Okamura

donating and sharing our message with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your support.

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You can also support our program through the purchase of "Large Paper Crane". This piece was created by celebrated artist Vik Muniz using thousands of cranes folded by students coming together from around the world to support Japan. Learn about this poster here.

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We'd like to express our profound gratitude to those who've made our programs possible:

Special Thanks to:
Prudential Foundation, Autodesk, Bentley University, Bezos Family Foundation, Citizen Effect, GlobalGiving, Kimball International, Punkt, Students Rebuild, Pecha Kucha Inspire Japan, PACT, Heath Ceramics

Thank you also to HMC Architects | Designing Futures Foundation, Ruinart-Moet Hennessy, Sara Morishige Williams and many many more.


2-2-10 Chuo
Ishinomaki, Miyagi


Project Details

NAME: 東北復興プログラム / Tohoku Rebuilding Program
PROJECT LEAD: Architecture for Humanity
LOCATION: 2-2-10 Chuo, Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan
START DATE: March 11, 2011
PROJECT TYPE: Temporary Shelter, Stadium/Sports Facility, Public Space/Gathering Space, Orphanage, Marketplace - Outdoor, Education Facility - Primary School
DESIGN FELLOW: Yoichi Wakabayashi
, Kayoko Sakamoto, Yuko Okamura, Miku Kano, Kayo Andrews, Akinobu Yoshikawa
BENEFICIARIES: Affected communities from the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami