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One Goal at a Time

Entered into: Copa Arquitectura

The Fu.De soccer center is an arrangement of outdoor and indoor spaces that allows for multiple and flexible uses, that enables the center to expand as needed. For example, under the main roof larger events such as a quinceañera may take place or the bleachers may be used to hold graduation ceremonies. The modules will be built off site to save money and the waste of materials as either a large or small structure depending on the business. These modules will be transported to the site and may be removed or relocated to another future site as needed.

The design layout of the center is focused on sustainability issues for human comfort and energy use. The roof is designed to provide shade in the summer and to maximize daylight into the spaces during winter. A water tank below the bleachers will provide rain harvesting that will be used for toilets and irrigation. In addition another water tank will house potable water ensuring that the site always has drinking water. The use of recycled, reused and local materials will aid the project in not exceeding the budget.

The Fu.De soccer center will become the main focus of the community. The residents will be able to use the center for more than just soccer. The adjacent school may use portions of the center to further educate their students, residents may hold community meetings, and local businesses may provide much needed merchandise in the area. The Fu.De soccer center becomes much more than a soccer field.

1. Fly Ash Concrete: The use of fly ash, a recovered resource, reduces the depletion of natural resources. It also reduces the energy intensive manufacturing of portland cement. This reduction in energy leads to less emissions of greenhouse gases.
2. Recycled wood: OSB boards (90cmx45cm), planks and posts will be used throughout the center.
3. Corrugated metal roof: Durable long lasting material that is easy to maintain
4. Bricks: A local material that may be built by local craftsman.
5. The repetitive structure minimizes cost and the waste of materials

1. Rainwater harvesting: The main roof will collect approximately 79,876.16 liters (676 M2 roof area * 1181.6 mm annual rainfall) of water every year which may be used for toilets and irrigation.
2. Passive Solar Strategies: The orientation of the center and main roof configuration provides shade in the summer but allows for daylight to enter the interior spaces during the winter. This leads to less usage of electricity and improved human comfort.
3. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle: The center is designed with module sizes in mind to reduce the waste of materials. In addition reused and recycled materials will be used throughout the center prevent the use of virgin materials


Project posted by efteran

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  • País de Origen | Country of Origin: Ecuador

Competition Details

  • Name: Copa Arquitectura
  • Host: Architecture For Humanity, Nike Argentina
  • Type: Public
  • Registration Deadline: March 21, 2011
  • Submission Deadline: March 21, 2011
  • Entry Fee: $20 USD developed nations , $0 USD developing nations
  • Award: $2000 + $2000 design stipend, $1000 runner up
  • Status: Winners Announced

The competition entry ID for this project is 9170.

Project Details

NAME: One Goal at a Time
LOCATION: Moreno, Argentina
START DATE: March 17, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
DESIGN ARCHITECT: Maria Lorena Darquea Eschettini