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Prefabricated Retractable Classroom for Jaago Foundation


architecture for humanity Dhaka,bangladesh is partnering with Jaago for their new prefabricated retractable classroom at Karail and Rayer bazar in dhaka. afhdhaka is introducing prefab bamboo classroom in Bangladesh through this project. Jaago foundation is a charitable organization who are providing english medium education to the street & slum children without any fees. check out our previous school at Karail slum for Jaago:

With an understanding of Jaago’s fresh philosophical idea & its unique educational technique makes us to build a new kind of structure which suites with jaago’s creative thinking and helps to develop a better physiological development of student in a better educational environment enhance them to think out of the box. Within a limiting budget we have tried to bridge a gap between our educational environment of privileged student and unprivileged slum children through their classroom structure. Tried to find a new cost effective, environment friendly technique as an alternative beside our existing CI sheet, masonry & steel structure to build classroom that is being used today. We have started implementing with a promise not to exceed 500tk/sqft but by the time being we have found it hard to limit it within that as a first demonstration of this kind. Existing LGED two storied prototype school cost 900-1100tk/sqft around the country and our current typical construction cost masonry(900tk/sqft),steel(1300tk/sqft),Ci sheet with C.C or wooden post single storied(450tk/sqft). At rayer bazaar 2storied will cost 658tk/sqft. The required amount is below then any kind of 2storied structure around Dhaka city. But we believe in future implication we can able to reduce the cost more even below 550tk. The reason for current high cost was that As a result, a lot of issues, incidents have developed which were not foreseen and were beyond our control but eventually effected the construction time and expense.

Cost Estimation for Construction works of JAAGO school extension at Rayer Bazar(970sqft)

Submitted by : Architecture For Humanity-Dhaka, Bangladesh

A. Structural Element (Column, Beam, Joints) Description Rates Quantity Amount
A.1 Box Column 3"X3"X7'9.5" 4m.m Ms Plate BDT 2,200.00 20 BDT 44,000.00
A.2 C Beam 2"X4.11/16"X8' with 3m.m Ms Plate BDT 1,300.00 30 BDT 39,000.00
A.3 C Beam 2.5"X7"X16'3" with 3m.m Ms Plate BDT 2,600.00 6 BDT 15,600.00
A.4 C Joint Type A: 2"X4.11/16"X 4" 3mm BDT 60.00 78 BDT 4,680.00
A.5 Joint B: 2.11/16"X2.11/16"X4.13/16"box4mm BDT 125.00 10 BDT 1,250.00
A.6 Type C:8x8"Base BDT 175.00 20 BDT 3,500.00
A.7 Ms Nut 12mm 4"& Anchor bolt 16mm 12” BDT 80 294 & 40 BDT 9,055.00
A.8 R.C.C Base/footing work for column 1'X1'X3BDT 1000.00 10 BDT 10,000.00
A.9 Structural installation by iron worker BDT 25,000.00
total BDT 1,52,085.00

B. Floor 970sqft including landing,bridge
B.1 Wood for Floor kerosene wood (3.5”x1”x7’)600pcs BDT 600 102cf BDT 61,200.00
B.2 Supporting beam Wood kerosene different thickness BDT 680 37.78cft BDT 25,700.00
B.3 Floor setting wood worker including stair 900sft BDT 20,000.00
total BDT 1,06,900.00
C. Wall Surface
Si. No Description Rates Quantity Amount
C.1 Window Panel 4'X7' BDT 3,178.00 40 BDT 127,120.00
C.2 Door Panel 4'X7' BDT 3,173.00 4 BDT 12,692.00
C.3 Ms Nut 8mm 4" BDT 15.00 180 BDT 2,700.00
C.4 Bamboo strip making (1”x8mmx4’) BDT 8.00 2600 BDT 20,800.00
total BDT 1,63,312.00
D. Roof
Si. No Description Rates Quantity Amount
D.1 CI sheet with wooden frame including fitting BDT 80.00 600 BDT 48,000.00
D.2 Single layer bubble insulator BDT 25.00 600 BDT 15,000.00
total BDT 63,000.00
E. Paint works Rates Quantity Amount
Si. No Description
E.1 White Metal Spray color BDT 830 10 BDT 8,300.00
E.2 Clear Burnish on Bamboo surface BDT 630 12 BDT 7,560.00
E.3 Tarpin BDT 250 10 BDT 2,500.00
E.4 Color labor BDT 4 6000sqft BDT 24,000.00
total BDT 42,360.00
F. Landscape
Si. No Description Rates Quantity(sft) Amount
F.1 Landfill, plantation with necessary civil work BDT 20.00 300 BDT 6,000.00
total BDT 6,000.00

G. Construction management (one fulltime supervisor, labor management )
Si. No Description Rates Quantity Amount
G.1 JAAGO School built form 970sqft & 300 sqft landscape 1270sqft BDT 30,000.00
total BDT 30,000.00
H. Miscellaneous
Si. No Description Rates Quantity Amount
H.1 Metal frame for stair and landing including wooden steps 1 BDT12,000.00
H.2 3’wide & 40’ long connecting bridge with bamboo BDT 20,000.00
H.3 Installation of the entire project need BDT 300 65 BDT 19,500.00
H.4 Pic up transportation for material carrying BDT 850 10 BDT 8,500.00
total BDT 60,000.00
I. Electric
I.1 Light (1 nos) with electric wiring BDT 1 BDT 15,000.00
Grand total BDT 6,38,657 .00

In Words: Six Lakh Thirty-Eight Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Seven Taka only
Notes : JAAGO paid 3,00,000 and architecture for humanity raise 1,00,000 BDt till now. the amount needed to complete is 2,38,657 BDT only

All complete with necessary UNIT installation, total cost will be BDT 658 /sft and total built area is 970sft and 300sft landscape

n.b: Preparing of sample, material sourcing & site visit to supervise construction stage by project architect is maintained by his own office.

((BDT 71 Bangladesh currency is equal to 1USD)))

logic behind material choice:

Bamboo has a great potential to solve the scarcity of sustainable building materials for high-end and affordable buildings in both urban as well as rural areas. In Bangladesh, around 70–80 percent rural village still depends on bamboo as building material. Mostly the sales of bamboo in urban areas are used in construction as scaffolding in and few handicraft and other enterprises buy directly from the traders. also bamboo material is a symbol of ultra poor across the mega city Dhaka. It is estimated that despite extensive traditional use and availability of bamboo in Bangladesh, the sector only contributes few percent to the national GDP. Current bamboo applications have failed to capture additional value for the urban people. Existing market for the panel based (engineered) bamboo housing is almost none in Bangladesh. Starting the new market for the panel based bamboo structure may take some time until people start accepting it this is one of the major reasons why use of bamboo in Bangladesh for commercial purposed other then scaffolding is nominal and untapped to it fullest. There is no doubt that with the growth of this industry in Bangladesh, we would be able to provide benefit to the thousands of farmers who are growing and selling bamboo for their livelihoods. Yet, farmers in Bangladesh have been unable to sell bamboo in commercial manner and fetch a reasonable price. Promotion of bamboo-engineered panel will consume an extensive amount bamboo resulting to commercialization of bamboo farming, processing /production and marketing. Development of this industry will help backward linkages with the rural areas and can established a viably supply chain with the existing or potential bamboo housing industries creating a sufficient demands for available raw bamboo. In this two school project we have tried to introduce bamboo panel surface along with recycled metal structural element which is available in Dhaka city.


sadek khan road


Project Details

NAME: Prefabricated Retractable Classroom for Jaago Foundation
PROJECT LEAD: AFH-Dhaka,Bangladesh
LOCATION: sadek khan road, Dhaka, Bangladesh
START DATE: March 01, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: In construction
COST: $8625 USD (Estimated)
SIZE: 970 sq. ft
PROJECT TYPE: Education Facility - Primary School
CLIENT'S REPRESENTATIVE: Korvi Rakshand (Jaago Foundation)
ADDITIONAL FUNDING: system architects
ADDITIONAL FUNDING: architecture for humanity
BENEFICIARIES: rayer bazar slum chilrens