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Santa Cruz Youth and Women's Leadership Center searches to provide an open space, a meeting point to the community and a reference center to inspire sport practices. The design is based in a local identity, proposing use of familiar materials and local labor, affording a cheap, simple and emblematic design.
The elevated volume create a landmark and reinforce the site corner, this gesture shows a new form of appropriation of the site, opposing to the surrounding scenery, transforms the ground floor in an open and flexible covered space that can be used for the community in several ways. The roof is also appropriated by the community as a green space and a possible vegetable garden. The whole site is treated as a public space with green areas, sidewalks, a running track and bathrooms infrastructure, supporting all types of sports competitions.
Organized in phases, the project use the whole budget to construct the pitches and the supporting infrastructure as bathroom, storages and, in the second floor, a flexible space with classrooms, Day Care facility and administrative office. In a second phase, the whole structure will be increased with a gathering space, new business units and more stadium seats, configuring the avenue facade.



Competition Details

The competition entry ID for this project is 5976.

Project Details

PROJECT LEAD: Cássio Sauer
START DATE: January 16, 2010
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
PROJECT TYPE: Stadium/Sports Facility, Women’s Center, Youth Center
ARCHITECT: Elisa Martins
, Cássio Sauer