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Butterfly Structure (designit shelter competiton)

Entered into: The Community Prize

This is an entry for the designit community prize shelter competiton. The shelter uses a butterfly roof to provide a means to collect water, and supply the better lighting, and ventilation. The hinged panels can be used ask a work counter and shade.

Competition Details

  • Name: The Community Prize
  • Host: Architecture for Humanity
  • Type: Public
  • Registration Deadline: August 23
  • Submission Deadline: August 23
  • Entry Fee: Free
  • Award: $500 plus Moleskine Folio
  • Status:

The competition entry ID for this project is 5567.

Project Details

NAME: Butterfly Structure (designit shelter competiton)
LOCATION: Unspecified location
START DATE: August 22, 2009
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
SIZE: 100 sq. ft
PROJECT TYPE: Emergency Shelter
DESIGNER: Anthony Romero