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The Three Baskets of Knowledge

Entered into: Campus Unlimited
Building Occupancy / Site Capacity: 

The Three Baskets of Knowledge

This is the Maori story of how Tane, the progenitor of mankind, of the forests and all the creatures of the forest, ascended through the many realms to the uppermost realm, occupied only by Io-Matua-Kore, God-the-Parentless, and there obtained from Io the three baskets of knowledge. Tane returned to Earth with the knowledge, and there created humankind from the Earth.

It is a metaphor of the journey of striving for knowledge and education and enlightenment, to become better people, to go beyond and reach further and higher than previously done and attain the unattainable.

It is also a metaphor for the archetypal inner journey of the mystic, as he or she travels inwards, seeking always to find unity with the universe, and to become one with his or her concept or knowing of Io or God or the Supreme Being or the Way.

The final resulting scheme for the UPT building has all originated from weaving, its process, its colours via dyeing, and the story of how Tane obtains the three baskets of knowledge, and the great metaphor it offers to UPT and its students in seeking out their own treasures of knowledge. This key idea of weaving and the three baskets of knowledge has originated first and foremost from Aerial views of the outer lying agricultural farms of Christchurch. The woven fabric of these farmlands echoes the Moari history and plentiful resources of the region throughout the decades for both Maori then, and all now..

Each floor or singular woven strand of the proposed UPT building totalling three represent the larger than life contemporary three baskets which are Te Kete Tuauri, Te Kete Tuatea and Te Kete Aronui. Subject areas and learning spaces have been separated in relation to the three baskets and the journey in obtaining them.

The resulting woven architecture requires all given students to become the weaver of their own destiny as they weave their way within and without the baskets (Kete's) in obtaining their personal quest for knowledge. Each strand is opened to the city as an expression to those within of the greater world surrounding them, and the extensive resources without the walls lying in wait to be discovered and explored..


Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti Christchurch
New Zealand

Competition Details

  • Name: Campus Unlimited
  • Host: Architecture for Humanity Auckland
  • Type: Public
  • Registration Deadline: December 15th 2011
  • Submission Deadline: December 15th 2011
  • Entry Fee: $25 USD International Design Professionals , $10 USD New Zealand Design Professionals , $0 USD Students
  • Award: $2000 NZD, IPad 2 runner-up, IPad 1 founder's prize (people's choice award)
  • Contact: afh-auckland
  • Status: Completed

The competition entry ID for this project is 12026.

Project Details

NAME: The Three Baskets of Knowledge
LOCATION: Christchurch, New Zealand
START DATE: December 14, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
PROJECT TYPE: Education Facility - Secondary School
BENEFICIARIES: Both students and community will benefit from this project.

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