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J/P HRO Klinik Kominote, Phase One


Project summary
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Project summary

This modest medical clinic established by J/P HRO is both an earthquake-resistant reconstruction project which will act as a demonstration for safe rebuilding, as well as a budget-conscious adaptive reuse of an existing residence into a functioning clinic for a population in dire need of the stability of a bricks-and-mortar location.
With the motto "Sante Pou Tout Moun" (in Haitian Creole "health for all"), the J/P HRO Klinik Kominote will serve 700-800 residents of Delmas 32 and 40B per week, and is the second permanent anchor (after the J/P HRO Engineering Field Office) established in the community. It is a realignment of amenities from the Petionville Club camp into the surrounding communities from which residents came.

Construction start: March 3, 2011
Reconstruction completion: March 22, 2011
Opening dedication: late May, 2011

Proposed future phases include shared office space for other NGOs and community organizations focused on the reconstruction of Delmas 32 and 40B.

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Crucial coatings: crépissage and enduissage


7 Rue Crepsac
Delmas 32, Port-au-Prince