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Mme Joa Clinic

Sat, 2013-06-01 07:14

Construction on the toilet block up in Mme Joa is complete. The GC was fired and AFH self-executed the works. The termination letter was sent to the GC on the 27 of march and construction on the toilet block started on may 1rst. Pretty interesting 2 weeks of construction: the purchase of materials, the transport of materials, the 5 hr long trips, the site inspection visits... we're expecting representatives from Save the Children to go and make their final work inspection and finalize all payments. Below are some pictures of the construction process. Enjoy!

Fixing slats to the clerestory end openings in main buildings

Excavation begins!

Excavation done - Pit formwork in place

pouring pit walls

Walls poured and formwork has been removed

Slab formwork being put in place

Formwork and steelwork in place for ground floor pouring

slab poured-installing toilet covers

Wooden superstructure being assembled - roofing sheets being installed

Final touches

view of finished toilet block