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Guillen Residence


This project is part of an on-going effort by Architecture for Humanity to help with the reconstruction of New Orleans by setting up partnerships between residents and architects. The city was almost completely inundated when the levee bordering the Industrial Canal collapsed and up to eight feet of water destroyed everything in our client's home. We are providing services to renovate and expand their residence as quickly as possible so they may return to their neighborhood.

The Guillen family are native Orleanians and moved into their current neighborhood in 2000. Theresa and John have four children and are currently raising their niece making it a family of seven. Their neighborhood was completely flooded from the levee breaking and water destroyed everything inside the home. Since Katrina, the house has been completely gutted and received mold remediation to the exposed wooden framing. FEMA trailers line the street where the Guillen house is located, as the neighborhood works to recover their area.


Primary – 3

Secondary – 4


New Orleans, Louisiana
United States

Project Details

NAME: Guillen Residence
LOCATION: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
START DATE: November 01, 2006
CURRENT PHASE: In construction
SIZE: 1500 sq. ft
PROJECT TYPE: Residential - Single Family
DESIGN TEAM: David Briggs AIA, Bryna Hearmon, Ashley De Vries, Tom Debacker, Dennis Polmateer, Dave Lee
, Ashley De Vries, Tom Debacker, Dennis Polmateer, Bryna Hearmon