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Edendale Football for Hope Centre

Thu, 2014-01-23 23:01

The building has certainly progressed over the Christmas break but it has been a clear example of 'Less haste and more speed'. Many of the finishes have been rushed and completed to an unsatisfactory standard.

A site meeting was held on Monday which provided a good opportunity for our professional team to present their comments on the building. Sadly most of them indicated a resounding dissatisfaction with the finishes. This has led to a number of instructions to strip paint, plaster and in some cases brick work and re-do the finishes. I certainly hope we achieve our goal second time round.

The pitch has been put on hold. The contractor has finally admitted to themselves that they need external expert help. They are looking to appoint a professional sub-contractor to complete the pitch work and surrounding paving sub-base. I sincerely hope by this time next week I can say - "the pitch has started and is in good hands."

I leave AfH soon and hope that I can leave with the building and pitch in good hands or with a clear plan to completing the building as best as possible.

Its going to be a busy week - wish me luck and hold your thumbs for us!!!