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P.A.T.E.A (Polideportivo Abierto Tecnológico Educacional Ana)


P.A.T.E.A. (Open Sports Center. Technological. Educational. Ana)

The project wants to turn the Neighborhood council headquarters of Santa Ana in Talca into a Sports and Information Center. This could be used short-term as a shelter for some of the 31,000 victims currently in the city. Incorporating a TIC node (Information and Communication Technologies) it would become later on a sports and cultural center. The node would allow the community to self-train and qualify on sports, cultural and economical aspects as well as provide a source of income for its financing in time.

The project would be made out of two walls of prefabricated containers -two and tree stories- , a roof structure in wood (Zollinger type, well used in the area) and PVC reinforced roof, covering the existing paved courtyard.

Regarding the program the courtyard would be turned into a sports hall measuring 20 by 10 meters. The containers in the far end side will be used as on both first and second level as man and woman changing rooms. The containers on the entrance side will be used as storage for sports and cultural material on the first level, Library and information center on the second level and Cyber Cafe with a Multimedia Lab on the third (financed by SurMaule NGO)

The incorporation of the TIC and DataShow projector allow the Sports and Culture Hall to be used for multiple purposes from remote controlled sports training to activities with multimedia incorporation such as a cinema or concerts. Moreover adding the Multimedia Lab allows the comunity to qualify on diverse subjects from video creation to learning how to use specific software.

We consider for the project a possible part-time concession of the Ciber Cafe and the rental of the Hall for complementary activities to give financial continuity to the Center.


9 Oriente 1809 Barrio Santa Ana

Project Details

NAME: P.A.T.E.A (Polideportivo Abierto Tecnológico Educacional Ana)
PROJECT LEAD: Arturo Torres
LOCATION: 9 Oriente 1809, Talca, Chile
START DATE: August 08, 2010
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
SIZE: 485 sq. m
PROJECT TYPE: Stadium/Sports Facility
ARCHITECT: Ignacio Calvert
STUDENT: Antonio Mundi
ARCHITECT: Gabriela del Rio