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École Elie Dubois

Fri, 2014-01-24 13:02

Here are some pictures of the celebration for the 100th anniversary of the founding of Ecole Elie Dubois that took place on December 3, 2013. [see slide show]The school is celebrating 100 years of educating the young women of Haiti to the highest standards, and continues to be counted among the finest educational institutions in the country. ( also see the link to the article in the Nouvelliste here)

We look forward to the continuing relationships with the school’s funding partners including Barefoot, CINA, IADB, Students Rebuild, Bezos, Nike, and World Central Kitchens.

There is still more work to be done to complete the campus master plan and we look forward to working together to achieve this work. Among the next projects are the Science Lab, the IT Lab, renovated administrative spaces, an infirmary, and the chapel.

In other news: FAES continues to analyze the proposals for the reconstruction of the historic building. We expect the construction will begin in February 2014.