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Haiti Schools Initiative: Bon Samaritain (Good Samaritan)


Site: The Good Samaritan School
Location: Saut d'Eau


Date: April 15, 2010
Start time: 7:00 AM
End time: 12:00 PM
Weather: Warm and sunny, light breeze.
Eric Cesal – Architecture for Humanity
Schendy Kernizan – Architecture for Humanity
Helen Spraos – Concern Worldwide
Turk Pipkin – Nobelity Project
Dan Shine – 50 X 15 Foundation

Located in Commune of Saut d’Eau, approximately 75 Km from Petion-Ville HQ. Architecture for Humanity was
asked to evaluate the status of several schools operated by Concern Worldwide that had suffered earthquake

School Description
School is located in the Commune of Saut d’Eau, approximately 75 Km from Petion-ville HQ. It provides for approximately 220 students (100 girls/120 boys). The class size is growing every year. The school is supported in part by Concern Worldwide and in part by charging tuition, which is about $12 per year. The school has six teachers and one director. Students are provided with one meal a day, which consists of a runny porridge. Students have treated water to drink.

Physical Description
Soil is sandy and dry. Small pebbles abound but no serious structure. School consists of two structures, each with bare dirt floors. Structures have rough hewn wood support columns space approximately 1 per meter. Most columns are made from the Kompesh species. There are no foundations: columns have been driven directly into the ground. Side walls are enclosed by aged rattan and is absent in some locations. School site slopes gently to the North at about 8 degrees. On the school grounds is also an administration building – the director’s office, which consists of essentially dry stacked rocks with little grout here and there. The ceiling is composed of corrugated metal and is about 2 meters off the ground.

School property extends beyond the immediate school site. School site exists on the high flat portion of the property. Therest of the property is sloped and vegetated.

There are no bathrooms. Children are escorted to the woods to use the bathroom. Teachers report a high rate of illness as a result.

Standing water exist at the periphery of the property (also the nadir of the property).

The existing school should be replaced. Presently it is not suited to endure another rainy season or provide a secure site for education. It showed little signs of earthquake damage merely because there was nothing in particular to damage.

Opportunities exist to expand the school and provide a library, kitchen, or latrine block. However, the extended site is steeply sloped and would have to be addressed through intelligent design.

Beyond the immediate school site, the school property is steeply sloped. Few indigenous materials and skills exist. Some immature trees can be found in the surrounding area, and rocks and earth are plentiful. Aside from that, construction materials would have to be imported from Port Au Prince.


Saut d'Eau, Centre

Project Details

NAME: Haiti Schools Initiative: Bon Samaritain (Good Samaritan)
LOCATION: Saut d'Eau, Centre, Haiti
START DATE: April 06, 2010
CURRENT PHASE: Schematic Design
PROJECT TYPE: Education Facility - Primary School
DESIGN FELLOW: Schendy Kernizan
, Adam Saltzman