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Pac Rim Studio


Pac Rim Studio: the 2010 Architecture for Humanity Education Outreach Program

In honor of the voyage of the Plastiki we are initiating a multi-country trans-Pacific studio that will involve students of architecture stretching from California to Asia along the Plastiki Expedition route. The projects all are connected by the Pacific Ocean –restoring water quality, protecting inhabitants from climate change, creating sustainable livelihoods and safe housing. Run by Architecture for Humanity’s Education Outreach Director, Nathaniel Corum, the studio will share the insight and knowledge of a diverse and committed team of socially-responsible designers and supporting organizations. Collaborating with Adventure Ecology, Ocean Voyages Institute / Project Kaisei and Floating Island International, we will work towards design solutions for several major Pacific Ocean crises. Designs generated in the Pac Rim Studio will be ‘open sourced’ for anyone to replicate through Creative Commons licensing on the Open Architecture Network (OAN).

Pac Rim features a studio menu of six courses; the following are real-world design challenges that have been issued to Architecture for Humanity by Pacific communities:

1. DESIGN AN ISLAND: To save their atoll homes under threat from sea level rise, several low-lying Pacific Nations search for new home lands.

2. DESIGN/BUILD A SCHOOL: To teach indigenous oceanic technologies, a Polynesian wayfinder has requested a boatbuilding and navigation station on a coastal site.

3. DESIGN WEAVING CENTERS: To prevent Human Trafficking and to create strong communities through sustainable livelihoods, artisanal communities in Southeast Asia need stable economic options and infrastructure.

4. DESIGN A FARM COMMUNITY: To navigate back to island food security, a locale with a history of agriculture needs efficient housing for local, beyond-organic farmers.

5. DESIGN COASTAL ACCESS: To remedy troubled surf access via fragile dune ecology, a competition challenges designers to create the ideal link between community and beach.

6. DESIGN LIKE YOU GIVE A DAMN 2: To contribute to Architecture for Humanity’s catalog of humanitarian design case studies, each studio participant will submit a candidate project for the upcoming book as well as uploading their final studio boards to the Open Architecture Network.

Design solutions will come from the students and studio participants working together in the Pac Rim Studio. Participating schools (anticipated Jan 1st 2010) include: University of California at Berkeley, California College of the Arts, Maori Centre for Architecture (Unitec, New Zealand), University of Hawaii at Manoa, University of Auckland, University of Sydney and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

AfH Studio Leads: Eve Blossom, Founder, Lulan Artisans; Nathaniel Corum, Education Outreach Director and Cameron Sinclair begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Co-founder and Executive Director, Architecture for Humanity.

Studio Leads: Peter Anderson (CCA), Mark Anderson (UC Berkeley), Kris Palagi (Hawaii), Alexandra Lee (U of Auckland), Anna Rubbo (U of Sydney), Gino Yu (Hong Kong Polytechnic), Rau Hoskins and Gary Lawson (Unitec, New Zealand).

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