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Discarded Dreams

Entered into: Discarded Dreams

The Goal of Discarded Dreams, Need not be Nightmares is to repurpose 1,000,000 discarded mattresses by creating a consumer product. We have outlined a strategy to implement/produce the design. We see this as an amazing opportunity to create a product that not only appeals to consumers, and alleviates landfills of unwanted mattresses, and creates a product that begins to provide solutions to the key societal issues of homeless and unemployment.
We aspire to use every portion of a mattress in conjunction with other “unwanted” items to create low cost/sustainable housing solutions. This affords society the opportunity to educate destitute populations, about building trades, and construction techniques. Conveniently, it empowers homeless and unemployed persons by providing the basic needs of employment and housing.
Mattresses will be collected in localized facilities where they are broken down to constituent parts. The disassembled materials will be evaluated for their structural/ physical qualities, and will go on to processing for new life.
Filler from mattresses, and springs/wires will be used as aggregate, and reinforcement in tilt-up concrete walls. Wood slats from box springs will be used as formwork for tilt-up wood panels... whimsically designed and manageably sized panels replicate the shape of mattresses tumbling across the facade of a building. Slats will also become perlins to support recycled tire roof loads. Angle iron, salvaged from bed frames will become roof joists, and bundled groups of columns will support roofs and make structural connections.
More than eighty percent of the houses will be extracted from the mattresses, box springs, and frames. Only marginal items such as small amounts of recycled glass, and used tires, and cement will be used addition to the materials derived from the mattresses.
It is acknowledged that the above described tasks are a response to much larger societal issues of consumption, housing, and unemployment. It is our firm belief that big problem require an innovative new look at existing solutions rather than extravagant solution which tend to create additional unforeseen problems. We assert that this intervention sets a new precedence for housing around the world in developed and underdeveloped areas. If individuals utilized the interventions here-in prescribed, it would alleviate both housing, and waist issues the world over. It is acknowledged that this is only a defensive measure and that waist of consumer products must be curbed. It is not feasible to continue consuming and discarding, as is the current trend.


Competition Details

  • Name: Discarded Dreams
  • Host: Rubicon National Social Innovations and Architecture for Humanity
  • Type: Public
  • Registration Deadline: December 19th 2008
  • Submission Deadline: December 19th 2008
  • Entry Fee: $25
  • Award: 1st: $1000, 2nd: $500, 3rd: Rubicon baked goods.
  • Contact: Yes Duffy
  • Status: Winners Announced

The competition entry ID for this project is 3404.

Project Details

NAME: Discarded Dreams
PROJECT LEAD: R. Spencer Steenblik
LOCATION: Unspecified location
START DATE: August 26, 2008
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
COST: $10000 USD (Estimated)
SIZE: 1600 sq. ft
PROJECT TYPE: Residential – 1 BR