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Kimisagara Football for Hope Centre

Thu, 2011-03-24 04:50

The lapse in recent OAN reports has been just that; a lapse.

In the months preceding December I was engagaged in a frustrating battle with the local authorities to permit our building to process close to the degraded wetlands. Reasoning with the authorities, we came to a compromise to push the building back behind ' the wetlands'. This has compromised some elements of the base concept; aligning the pitch on a north/south orientation and dynamically catching the people as they navigate their way along the canal embankment. It was either this or lose the project altogether.

From the frying pan and into the fire, we then proceeded to send the project out to bid. Not hastily either, as we had already produced 4 copies of the Bill of Quantities. However, unbeknownst to me, it seems like I also have to be the Quantity Surveyor on this job too, on top of planning advisor, lobbyist for esperance and sustainable design as well as project manager.

Our first tender was 5 times higher than the estimated budget. Simple mistakes in specifications and quantities was the cause. Round 2, after 3-4 weeks intense scrutiny of the Bill of Quantities, we re-tendered and got figures closer to the budget.

However all the joyous, sustainable elements of the project have been lost; the grey water and rainwater system for one, as well as a large portion of the roof have been removed.

On top of removing huge parts of the design which were designed with Esperance's running costs in mind, whilst utilising renewable resources (this is what 'sustainable design' is about isn't it?) we've not been able to get VAT exemption on the project , meaning a further 18% reduction of the design. Despite vociferous applause from the UN advisor to Sports , Ministry of Sports and various other powerful NGO's I have not been able to get people to fund the water harvesting aspect of the project which is such a travesty.

We are down to the bare minimum now yet the guts of this project remain intact and are awaiting this to be approved by FIFA. Contractor is in place. What else could stand in our way? Never say never.