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Tesuki Washi Ushiogami (手漉き和紙潮紙)

Tue, 2014-03-11 02:35


Construction is substantially completed! All interior finishes paint, installment of lighting fixture, switches, fireplace, is now in place and ready for use. Areas left finished are the entrance walls and shoji screens where the handmade paper made here will be used once all equipment is in place. A workshop is scheduled for the entrance wallpaper in mid March.

Finished Interior

Shoji screen left unfinished for later

Master Tsukahara was at the site today with the contractor to check everything was in working in order. He seemed very excited about the space and especially excited about the fireplace.

Everyone loves the fireplace

Now that the space is ready, the paper making equipment will be placed, and the mill is ready for operation! Looking forward to this space being used. Also, how it looks without snow...

Finished Exterior