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Sandy School Assessments


During November and December 2012, Architecture for Humanity along with partners, Perkins + Will assessed 21 public schools throughout the New York and New Jersey region affected by Hurricane Sandy. The assessments would help determine damages specific to sports and athletic facilities. We thank Architecture for Humanity's NY and NJ chapters and the respective departments of education for their help throughout this process.

STATUS: Complete

Schools Assessed:
Beach Channel – HS410 – Queens
Belle Harbor – PS114 / MS114 – Queens
Joseph B Cavallaro – IS281 – Brooklyn
Surfisde – PS 329 – Brooklyn
Michael E Berdy – PS 188
Abraham Lincoln – HS410 – Brooklyn
Herbert S Eisenberg – IS 303 – Brooklyn
Bay Academy – IS 98 – Brooklyn
“M101” – Mosaic: M375, Mickey Mantle: M811, Harlem Success Academy 3: M385 – Manhattan
“M113” – STEM Institute of Manhattan: M241, The Opportunity Charter School: M279, Harlem Success Academy 4: M386 – Manhattan
Bard HS Early College – HS696 Manhattan
Murry Bergtraum – HS520 – Manhattan
Liberty School / Hudson River Middle School – PS89 / IS 289 – Manhattan
Toms River High School North, Toms River, NJ
Washington School, Little Ferry, NJ
Memorial School, Union Beach, NJ


United States
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Project Details

NAME: Sandy School Assessments
PROJECT LEAD: Architecture for Humanity
LOCATION: United States
START DATE: October 29, 2012