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Restore The Shore

Tue, 2014-07-22 07:06

Today Trinity Construction, who is the new construction firm that will be building the sun shade structures, met with the Project Team to walk through the proposed locations along the boardwalk. Both Dave (the owner) and Ed(the site foreman)asked questions and investigated the boardwalk's pile foundations to understand how they will begin tying in the sun shade's cantilevered construction. The (4) locations have been set and the construction is as follows:

-The first structure to be built will be between Blaine and Sumner Avenues.
-The second will be bewteen Sheridan and Hancock Avenues.
-The third will be between Carteret and Kearney Avenues.
-The final structure will be built between Hamilton and Franklin Avenues.

Dave and Ed will begin to order the materials and construction is expected to begin on Monday, July 28th. The first two sun shades will be completed in August and the last two will be open to the public by the end of September.