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Restore The Shore


The Restore the Shore program is a part of the Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction Program. The Restore the Shore program is made possible by Architecture for Humanity, the Borough of Seaside Heights and MTV/Viacom.

STATUS: Construction Begins 07/28!
NEXT MILESTONE: Finish construction in September.

Community Charrette Report - A report that outlines the charette exercises and summarizes the charette outcomes.

Hurricane Sandy caused extreme damage and devastation throughout the East Coast of the United States on November 29, 2012. With over $35 billion of damage caused in New Jersey alone, Sandy stands as the costliest natural disaster in our state’s history and the second most costly storm in our nation’s history.

As the storm made an unprecedented westerly turn into the coast of New Jersey, Seaside Heights and the barrier islands of New Jersey found themselves situated in the path of the dangerous right side of the hurricane. Coupled with a full moon and high tides, the storm delivered a crippling blow to this area. The pictures of the Jet Star roller coaster and the damaged boardwalk and amusement piers were regular fixtures on the evening news.

In keeping with the mottos “Jersey Strong” and “Stronger Than The Storm,” the residents of these areas and across the state, in pure New Jersey style, stepped up to rebuild their communities. Alongside them and helping to raise more than $1.1 million through the Restore the Shore telethon, were the cast members of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” MTV, through its relationship with Viacom, a world leader in both entertainment and philanthropy, partnered with Architecture for Humanity to provide much needed assistance immediately following the storm and to prepare for the reconstruction of the coastal community.

The project will include the construction of a new community events center and improvements to the rebuilt boardwalk.

2013.10.29 - The Community Workshop launches with over 60 participants from Seaside Heights, NJ!
2013.11.15 - Schematic Design begins with the architects and designers at Gensler's Morristown office!
2013.12.06 - The Design team and project consultants begin to collaborate over weekly project meetings.
2013.12.10 - The project team holds a site visit to discuss how Seaside Heights' shore-front could become more resilient with the creation of sand dunes!
2014.02.04 - The Community Open House hosted 18 participants to engage designers and planners on the future of their community.
2014.03.13 - NJ Department of Environmental Projection Pre-Application Review meeting and approval!
2014.04.02 - Utility walk-through meeting for Events Center sites, Donor Board contractor meeting to finalize the installation, structural investigation meeting for the sun shade structures and conceptual presentation to the Mayor - Bill Akers.
2014.09.04 - Framing of the southern two sunshade structures are complete. Roofing to begin shortly, and northern structures to commence during the week of 9/18.

The role of Architecture for Humanity is essential throughout all the project development stages. The first step is to analyze the feasibility of the project in order to design an appropriate project that relates to the existing context and the community can take full ownership of the project. Architecture for Humanity is managing the design, construction and construction administration of the project, to ensure that the project represents the community’s objectives and is developed within schedule and budget. Architecture for Humanity also performs a post-occupancy evaluation in order to document the sustainability and use of the project by the community of Seaside Heights for many years to come.

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Seaside Heights, New Jersey 08751
United States


Project Details

NAME: Restore The Shore
PROJECT LEAD: Architecture for Humanity
LOCATION: Seaside Heights, New Jersey 08751, United States
START DATE: October 05, 2013
CURRENT PHASE: In construction
COST: $150000 USD (Estimated)
PROJECT TYPE: Community Center
CLIENT: The Borough of Seaside Heights
DESIGN FELLOW: Gail Gambarini
BENEFICIARIES: Residents of Seaside Heights, Regional Coastal Communities of New Jersey, Ocean County New Jersey