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まきビズ / MakiBiz

Wed, 2014-08-27 11:28

Issue Date: 25 August 2014
Reporting Period: 19 August 2014 – 24 August 2014

Business of the Week
Name: UR Toshi Kikou x Kamaentai(new business)

On July 16, UR Toshi Kikou from the Iwate Reconstruction headquarters visited MakiBiz for advice.
In addition to their regular operations of directly supporting those in temporary housing units, they are currently looking into how they can support communities as a whole within the new public housing complexes. MakiBiz decided to introduce UR Toshi Kikou to Kamaentai – a business that supports a myriad of types of organizations in Kamaishi by dispatching staff to them to connect with a wide range of stakeholders.

They attended Kamaentai's regularly held lunch meeting as an observer, and were able to learn about Kamaentai's projects.

From here on, they will work together towards creating a support plan for the future public housing complex being built in Yamada-machi, in parallel with its construction. Staff from RCF, which runs Kamaentai, will begin connecting those in Yamada-machi, while Kamaentai will wait to work with UR Toshi Kikou until there is a proper proposal specifically in Kamaishi.

  1. Project Updates
    • Client In-take
      • GREEN: on-going
      • Total number of business owners that we contacted to date: 185 (+6 since last report)
      • Total number of jobs created or recovered: 119 (+/- 0 since last report)

    • MakiBiz Build Back Better Tohoku Request for Proposal program
      Working on scheduling dates for inspections.
      Currently marking the site.
      Tamiko Abe
      Construction on the foundation has been completed. Currently awaiting a schedule from the contractor.
    • Business Support Projects
      • Kesennuma Shipyard Group
        Updated to Version 5 of the business plan. Held an all-team meeting on the 20th to discuss the crane installation and transportation equipment on the 20th with the attendance of TTS from Norway. On the 22nd, the first meeting with Shokochukin's Sendai branch was held. A meeting with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in Tokyo is planned for the 27th, and meetings are planned with the main branch of Mizuho Bank and Nihon Seisaku Investment Bank (DBJ). The project is scheduled for completion in Spring 2017.

      • Sato Shipyard Group
        Met with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and Ishinomaki Regional officials to talk about the transfer of location compensation estimate. Visited the Sendai District Transportation Bureau to discuss funds available for groups. Visited Miyagi's prefectural government office on the 19th to speak about the overall budget. The group is now working towards setting a final budget. They have received the required paperwork to apply for support from Higashi Nihon Daishinsai Jigyosha Shien Kiko and have received notice that they will be able to get a loan from the Sichijushichi Bank.
        The project is scheduled for completion in Spring 2015.

      • Suzuki Shipyard Group
        Will meet with the Miyagi Prefecture's Port division on the 26th, to discuss the placement of seawalls, and the area they are selling off. Waiting for budget estimates (estimated to come at the end of August). The project is scheduled for completion in Summer 2016.

      • Shojinbori Shipyard Group
        Discussing and searching to determine a site. The project is scheduled for completion in Fall 2016.

      • Ogatsu Shipyard Group
        Met with Nippon Zaidan to discuss their application forms. Submitted application forms for subsidies with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on the 19th. Planning to meet with Shichijushichi Bank to negotiate their loan on the 21st. The project is scheduled for completion in Spring 2015.

      • Kikuzakari Sake Brewery
        Met with Music Securities. Created a rental agreement with Shirakumo Sake Brewery. Will discuss this agreement with them on the 19th.

      • Yamagataya
        Meeting on the 22nd to discuss their loan applications.

      • Hamagurihama Project
        Helping them to finalize their business plan and supporting with their submission.

      • Baikado
        Met with the branding support team, interior designer and shop designer to discuss the current state of the project and future schedule.

      • NORIMAKI (Ishinomaki School)
        NORIMAKI aims to think of Ishinomaki's future with high school students. We are supporting them as tutors during "Stand Up Week" by helping them come up with content and ways to run their program. The five contents of their program were completed on August 1. Will be adjusting their content moving forward.

    • Other Projects

        A session was held in preparation for UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, which will take place in Sendai next year in March. This conference was started in 1994 in Yokohama with the objective of creating Disaster Risk Reduction Guidelines applicable throughout the globe. The "Hyogo Framework for Action" was developed at the second conference, which was held in Kobe, and next year will be the third conference to be held. This conference will focus on strengthening and adding to the "Hyogo Framework for Action," and will open up its audience to the general public to raise awareness in the area of risk reduction. By participating in this event where approximately 40,000 people including the general public, companies, and city officials are projected to attend, MakiBiz hopes to spread the word about our work and create connections with other organizations in the area.

  2. Red Flagged Issues:

End of Weekly Report