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まきビズ / MakiBiz

Mon, 2014-09-29 16:01

Issue Date: 29 September 2014
Reporting Period: 22 September 2014 – 28 September 2014

Business of the Week
Name: Marine Toyama (existing client: created from the merge of Toyama Kogyo and Shimizu Motors)

We announced that Toyama Kogyo and Shimizu Motors were merging in our weekly report on June 16th. We're happy to let you know that on September 26th, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Nippon Foundation authorized their new merged company.

Toyama Kogyo and Shimizu Motors both operate ship-making businesses in the Ogatsu-Funakoshi area. Ship-makers from across Japan go to Toyama Kogyo for their high quality screw propellers, and they have mainly been repairing oyster and scallop farming boats. Meanwhile Shimizu Motors, whose owner lost his house in the tsunami, and now commutes one hour from his current residence in Higashi-matsushima daily, mainly repairs the body and engine of wasen (small traditional Japanese boats with outboard motors attached to them). As two ship makers and repairers in the same Ogatsu-Funakoshi area, they have decided to merge to share their factory and large equipment such as cranes, to cut down on costs and create a sustainable business plan.

Factory drawings

Now that they have been authorized as a company, they are able to receive subsidies of 115 million yen from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and 35 million yen from the city of Ishinomaki towards their estimated 167 million yen of business costs. This pushes them forward in their rebuilding plans of their company. A rough breakdown of costs include 80 million yen for a factory building, 60 million yen for the crane to lift boats, 10 million yen for the crane truck, and approximately 17 million yen for all other machinery.

Moving forward, MakiBiz supporter will help the fine-tuning of the drawings for the new factory. We will send them to bid in mid-October, begin construction in November, and complete the project next Spring.

Fishing villages on the coastline of Ogatsu lost everything in the tsunami. However, life in this area is gradually coming back. MakiBiz will continue to work along with the supporter teams to act as a bridge among the clients, the city of Ishinomaki, and architecture and construction professionals.

  1. Project Updates
    • Client In-take
      • GREEN: on-going
      • Total number of business owners that we contacted to date: 187 (+0 since last report)
      • We did not reach out to new clients this week due to our time spent following up with existing clients.
      • Total number of jobs created or recovered: 514 (+/- 0 since last report)

    • MakiBiz Build Back Better Tohoku Request for Proposal program
      Finished marking the site. Will begin construction on foundation this week.
      Tamiko Abe
      The carpenters have begun pre-cutting material. They will begin framing in the next 2 to 3 days. Construction is scheduled for completion by the end of October.

    • Business Support Projects
      • Kesennuma Shipyard Group
        The final estimate will be determined after they receive a response from a contractor. Met with Shichiju-shichi bank's financing staff. Submitted the finance statement of each party to 5 banks. Will negotiate with one bank this week. Members of the group left for Iceland on a sales trip for their fishing boat manufacturing service.
        The project is schedule for completion in Spring 2017
        MakiBiz Supporters: Nissho Partners, Aku Aku Architecture, Kisaka Attorney

      • Sato Shipyard Group
        Waiting to receive relocation compensation details from the prefecture.
        The project is scheduled for completion in Spring 2015
        MakiBiz Supporters: Nissho Partners, Consultant K, Asia Kousoku, Team-O, Nihon Hoist, Zeniya Kaiyo Service, Wakachiku Construction, Kisaka Attorney, Kaneda Social Insurance Office

      • Suzuki Shipyard Group
        Reevaluating the decision on crane equipment. Waiting for estimate from engineers as well as machinery layout and costs.
        The project is scheduled for completion in Summer 2016.
        MakiBiz Supporters: Nissho Partners, Aku Aku Architecture, Wakachiku Construction Company, Kanda Communications

      • Shojinbori Shipyard Group
        Narrowed down one relocation site from three potential sites. The city of Ishinomaki will be making their final decision at the beginning of October.
        The project is scheduled for completion in Fall 2016.
        MakiBiz Supporters: Nissho Partners, Nihon Hoist

      • Ogatsu Shipyard Group
        Establish themselves as a Godo Kaisha. Submitted a certificate to Nippon Zaidan. This week, they should receive a confirmation of their grant.
        The project is scheduled for completion in Spring 2015.
        MakiBiz Supporters: Nissho Partners, Aku Aku Architecture, Wakachiku Construction Company, Kanda Communications

      • Kikuzakari Sake Brewery
        Has reached 20.6% of their fundraising goal, with 106 people contributing. Started to move into their new facility. Will begin the process of brewing in October. Planning to discuss with a bank about sale of a subsidiary company.
        MakiBiz Supporters: Office Itsuki, Kisaka Attorney

      • Yamagataya
        Working on adjusting budget for equipment.
        MakiBiz Supporters: Nissho Partners

      • Hamagurihama Project
        Scheduling a meeting with Tohoku Kyoeki Kikin.
        MakiBiz Supporters: Tohoku Kyoeki Kikin

      • Baikado
        Had a client meeting to discuss the market research conducted at their Honmachi store in Shiogama. Using the information obtained to strategize their marketing effort.
        MakiBiz Supporters: Kaneda Social Insurance Office
    • Other Projects
        On the 26th, MakiBiz staff attended a fundraising seminar to learn about how we will continue to obtain funds, and to revisit our team's operation and business tactics. This seminar was geared for future fundraisers, so we got many practical tips shared by the certified fundraiser who ran the seminar. It is the key to successful fundraising to understand what is going on in society and within your organization; who you are talking to; and how well you are able to communicate what you do and what you need. This seems obvious, but the reality is that many organizations are unable to do so. We will be sharing what we learned at the seminar, take a closer look at our own operations and where we stand right now, and discuss and define our goals for moving forward.

  2. Red Flagged Issues:
    • Scheduled Completion (10/30/2012). NEW Anticipated Completion (10/31/2014)
    • Business Coordinator [Japanese]
    • Fundraiser [Japanese]
    • MakiBiz has put up these job postings on 5 different sites, including here on DRIVE.
    • We have received many applications to the fundraiser position, but we will continue searching until we find the right candidate.

End of Weekly Report