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まきビズ / MakiBiz

Tue, 2014-09-02 12:25

Issue Date: 01 September 2014
Reporting Period: 25 August 2014 – 31 August 2014

Business of the Week
Name: Baikado (existing client)

On August 27, Tohoku Akindo Design Juku's "Exhibition, Sales, and Product Display Session" was held in Sendai. Mrs. Osanai from Communa Translation Design, who is on the Marketing Support team planned the event and brought up Baikado as an example to use for their section on display making.

Mr. Kato talking about Baikado's products

Mr. Kato from Baikado came to the event to tell the participants about their products. Also attending the workshop was also Baikado's Motomachi store manager, who together with the participants worked on creating a display for their products.

The participants' display ideas

In the end, all six teams came up with their displays, each working on uniquely displaying special characteristics of Baikado's products. Baikado commented that they hadn't ever seen an outsider's view of their products and were now eager to bring in what they learned and apply it to their work.

  1. Project Updates
    • Client In-take
      • GREEN: on-going
      • Total number of business owners that we contacted to date: 185 (+/- 0 since last report)
      • Total number of jobs created or recovered: 119 (+/- 0 since last report)

    • MakiBiz Build Back Better Tohoku Request for Proposal program
      Finished marking the site and have begun working on the foundation.
      Tamiko Abe
      Received construction schedule and estimate from the contractor.
    • Business Support Projects
      • Kesennuma Shipyard Group
        Met with Shichijushichi Bank on the 25th. A meeting with Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in Tokyo was planned for the 27th. Meetings also planned with the main branch of Mizuho Bank and Nihon Seisaku Investment Bank (DBJ). The project is scheduled for completion in Spring 2017.

      • Sato Shipyard Group
        Held a meeting to talk about their amalgamation and relocation subsidy. On the 26th they discussed their personal finances. They are planning to discuss with the prefecture the specifics of their relocation subsidy. The project is scheduled for completion in Spring 2015.

      • Suzuki Shipyard Group
        Received the rough estimates for budget and met to discuss. They will be creating a business plan and then begin preparing their applications. The project is scheduled for completion in Summer 2016.

      • Shojinbori Shipyard Group
        Met with the Ishinomaki City Office to determine a relocation site. The project is scheduled for completion in Fall 2016.

      • Ogatsu Shipyard Group
        No new activity to be reported this week. The project is scheduled for completion in Spring 2015.

      • Kikuzakari Sake Brewery
        Sold their products at POJ Mini Recovery Market on the 22nd. Will begin working with Music Securities to seek out funds (approximately 10,000,000 yen). (Start date undetermined).

      • Yamagataya
        Met to work on applications forms for advanced loans. They have not determined their budget, so we are working to help them with the information we have. We will begin working with them again once they notify us of their budget being set.

      • Hamagurihama Project
        Submitted the business plan that we worked on with Mr. Kameyama (head of Hamaguri-do) to receive support from Tohoku Kyoeki Kikin. We plan to work with them on other details as they arise.

      • Baikado
        We will work together to select a designer, following the meeting held on the 19th with the support team, architect, and interior contractors.

      • NORIMAKI (Ishinomaki School)
        The high school project that was scheduled for this quarter was completed on August 1. They were able to put their High School members' thoughts into shape and come up with an event that brought in many different people in the city. Taking lessons learned from this quarter into consideration, we will be supporting Ishinomaki 2.0 in creating a program that further involves high school students in city building.

    • Other Projects
        MakiBiz attended a seminar focused on grant acquisitions. There we learned basics such as what a grant / subsidy is, and what types exist, as well as how to fill in a grant application using a worksheet with specific points to cover. Through listening to other organizations speak about how they fill in their applications and write about their work, we realized a few points that we had been lacking in in our own applications. We will be sure to use the points we learned from this seminar in our future work!

  2. Red Flagged Issues:

End of Weekly Report