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まきビズ / MakiBiz

Tue, 2014-08-19 05:54

Issue Date: 18 August 2014
Reporting Period: 12 August 2014 – 17 August 2014

Business of the Week
Name: Ushiogami (existing business)

Ushiogami, who we've featured a number of times in our weekly reports, has reached out to us for support on a new initiative. Currently, Ushiogami is run by Mr. Tsukahara, who has the paper making skills, product creation skills and teaches workshops, and Mr. Kubota who designs new products and produces exhibitions. Mr. Tsukahara believes that through their interactive classes, they have gradually deepened their relationship with their community. However, they want to further deepen their roots within the community to become one that closely tied to the area. Mr. Tsukahara decided to open the studio in Sasaya, due to the temperature and purity of the water, which is an essential in paper-making. Since mainly elderly citizens populate this region, the pace of the city is slow, with no large industries or tourists. With the thought that the craft of paper-making could eventually become the town's main industry, Mr. Tsukahara decided to bring his studio there, providing opportunity for the community to be closely involved in the process.

To achieve this, they realize that they must first come up with a product that they can consistently produce, and also come up with a new product that explores washi paper's potential. Through experiential classes and community engagement, they also hope to raise successors. In order to do so, they need equipment and people. To gain access to funds to do so, MakiBiz is supporting them in their application for funds.

MakiBiz plans to suggest "Toyota Foundation's 2014 National Subsidy Program" opening on September 1 as one to apply to, since one area of focus the foundation looks for is the applicant's capability to "operate by creating a business with the capability of fully integrating local resources to solve the region's problems, and educate its employees." Since this project's success strongly requires the community's participation, the hurdle is high, but we hope to support Ushiogami in becoming a business that becomes deeply rooted in and revitalizes the community that it's in.

  1. Project Updates
    • Client In-take
      • GREEN: on-going
      • Total number of business owners that we contacted to date: 179 (+/- 0 since last report)
      • Total number of jobs created or recovered: 119 (+/- 0 since last report)

    • MakiBiz Build Back Better Tohoku Request for Proposal program
      Oikawa Denki: IN CONSTRUCTION
      Construction mostly complete. We will inspect after completion and schedule inspections.
      Preparing for the start of construction.
      Tamiko Abe
      Concrete pours in process. Currently awaiting a schedule from the contractor.
    • Business Support Projects
      • Kesennuma Shipyard Group
        Had an all-party meeting to discuss the business plan, building off of the fourth version of it, and also discussed their operation budget. They will update the business plan to Version 5 next week. On the 20th, they will again hold a meeting with TTS from Norway regarding the crane installation and transportation equipment. The project is scheduled for completion in Spring 2017.

      • Sato Shipyard Group
        Met with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and Ishinomaki Regional officials. Received the transfer of location compensation estimate from the Miyagi Prefecture. The supporting members will compare this amount with the budget and will go back to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and their office in Sendai to request for an increase in compensation.
        The project is scheduled for completion in Spring 2015.

      • Suzuki Shipyard Group
        Met with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and Ishinomaki regional officials. Waiting for budget estimates. The project is scheduled for completion in Summer 2016.

      • Shojinbori Shipyard Group
        Discussing with the Ishinomaki City to determine a site. The project is scheduled for completion in Fall 2016.

      • Ogatsu Shipyard Group
        Met with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and Ishinomaki regional officials. Filled out application forms. The project is scheduled for completion in Spring 2015.

      • Kikuzakari Sake Brewery
        Met with Music Securities and Iwate bank. Next week they will discuss their rental agreement with Shirakumo Sake Brewers.

      • Yamagataya
        Currently working to lower the estimate. Nissho partners visited. Working on setting a meeting to discuss their personal loan applications.

      • Hamagurihama Project
        Helping them to finalize their business plan and supporting with their submission.

      • Baikado
        Communa Support Team, Baikado, and Zoukei (leading the interior design of the space) met at Baikado's new Shiogama factory on the 19th to discuss the schedule.

        Scheduling the next meeting with the Communa Support Team. Their display will be discussed as a study topic in Tohoku Akindo Juku's class on August 27.

      • NORIMAKI (Ishinomaki School)
        NORIMAKI aims to think of Ishinomaki's future with high school students. We are supporting them as tutors during "Stand Up Week" by helping them come up with content and ways to run their program. The five contents of their program were completed on August 1. Will be adjusting their content moving forward.

    • Other Projects
        "Teen for 3.11 Kansai Chapter," a group made up of teenagers, are asking to visit MakiBiz. With the objective to continue to hold a caring interest to the disaster affected regions, the group plans tours to the affected regions and hold opportunities for interaction with communities in the area. They are interested in asking us what it's like to work in theses areas, as well as what our work consists of. MakiBiz hopes that more youth will continue to visit the affected regions and share with their family and friends back home what they experience in their visit, and will continue to support efforts such as these.

  2. Red Flagged Issues:

End of Weekly Report