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[ARCH]itecture for Comm[UNITY]


With over 190,000 acres of available land of closed military bases today, it would be
the most viable option to adapt and reuse these buildings. This will not only promote
sustainable construction practices and the longevity of our natural resources, but
possibly mitigate and escape the disaster of urban sprawl.

Reusing these sites and implementing design strategies that can promote a
Sense of Community will not only benefit the residents of the proposed
neighborhood, but also help mitigate this disaster. By employing these
design strategies, it can help reduce the effects by increasing the livability, walk-ability
and the overall quality of life by building on the existing infrastructure.

The chosen site for the design implementation is the former army installation
Ft. McClellan located in Anniston Alabama. The site was chosen because of the
ongoing efforts of rehabilitation and the potential positive impacts of the adaptive
reuse of buildings to the surrounding community.

After extensive site analysis of the area and a visit with the redevelopment authority head,
the needs of the surrounding community became evident. From analysis and authority,
the area was lacking a “center” that would promote walkability, livability and the
overall quality of life. Through analysis, I chose to design a mixed-use area for the
surrounding community that would include a variety of retail and restaurant
establishments because the nearest amenities are over two miles away and not in
walking distance.

Sustainability is also of vital importance for the design. The seven existing buildings
will be adapted and reused as a mixture of retail and restaurant establishments.
Because the design is pushing for a self-sustaining community and transit oriented,
it was also important to look at the future growth of the community. Looking toward
future growth, housing was also designed in the vicinity of the new square for
later phases of design. The center is the priority as phase 1 and the three housing
prototypes will be phases 2-4 if needed in the future.


Anniston, Alabama
United States

Competition Details

  • Name: Open Architecture Challenge: [UN]Restricted Access
  • Host: Architecture for Humanity
  • Type: Public
  • Registration Deadline: May 01 2012
  • Submission Deadline: June 01 2012
  • Entry Fee: $50 USD Professionals , $25 USD Students , $0 USD Dues paying Architecture for Humanity Chapter members , $0 USD Developing Nations
  • Award: More than $5,000 in prizes
  • Status: Concluded

The competition entry ID for this project is 12958.

Project Details

NAME: [ARCH]itecture for Comm[UNITY]
PROJECT LEAD: Jennifer I. Stewart
LOCATION: Anniston, Alabama, United States
START DATE: March 13, 2012
CURRENT PHASE: Design complete
SIZE: 23335 sq. ft
PROJECT TYPE: Urban Planning, Retail – Multiple Occupancy, Restaurant/Café, Residential – Multi-Family High Rise, Residential – Mixed Development, Residential – 4+ BR, Residential – 3 BR, Residential – 2 BR , Residential – 1 BR
BENEFICIARIES: The surrounding neighborhoods and community.
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: The existing buildings will be used for a variety of uses including restaurants, retail and art exhibits. All seven buildings will be adapted and reused for the new purposes. All materials used in the buildings will be of recycled content.

About Our Partners

Sponsorship Needed We're continuing our recruitment of individuals and organizations who are ready to accept the mission of sponsoring the complex yet rewarding task of successfully transforming previously conflicted sites into civic spaces. If you are ready to enlist your financial resources in service of this greater good, please call us at 415.963.3511 or contact us.