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Enel Cuore Community Empowerment Program

Mon, 2013-03-25 16:18

Colombia: San Francisco de Asis Educational Institute: Master Plan approved and Schematic Design progress.
• AFH presented a master plan proposal developed by AoR for the School prospective long term project; the community agrees with this proposal.
• The Local Major will directly meet with planning authorities to request for a special permit.
• The school is also working closely with the Secretary of Education for them to request directly to the planning authorities for the construction permission.
• The updated Schematic Design (SD) was submitted to the school, currently waiting for community’s review.
• Waiting to receive the drafts from the Municipality regarding the “construction authorization”,.

For more, information, photos and data regarding this project please check the
San Francisco de Asis Educational Institute
project page.

Peru: Santa Elena de Piedritas School: Design Development starts and Schematic Design submitted for Municipal approval
• Schematic design (SD) completed by AoR currently starting with Design Development (DD).
• The Project Designer presented the schematic design to the different stakeholders, the feedback was positive and they approved the proposal.
• The Schematic design was submitted to the municipality. If everything is in order it is expected that they could emit a preliminary authorization after one week.
• Research for potential contractors interested in Request for Proposals (RFP) for construction in development, during site visit it was targeted another local potential contractor.
• Willingness from EEPSA for using some of the materials from its warehouse to be used in the school. A lot of materials can be used for the exterior areas, playgrounds, shelter, pavements, benches, etc.
• The Municipal’s engineer inspected the site and surroundings. There were not any objections regarding the project.
• There are some fishermen with old boats, willing to sell them (for a cheap price) to the school.
• EEPSA will provide two temporary classroom for the new students until the construction is finished.

For more, information, photos and data regarding this project please check the
Santa Elena de Piedritas School
project page.

Chile: Ruka Llallin Domuche: Starting Design Development

• Research for Tender process in Chile including contract type and tender package sent by AoR.
• Schematic Design stage completed as AoR had submitted all required documentation and was approved by local partners.
• Pehuen Foundation following up with municipality for land tenure documentation. The Municipality didn’t submit the paperwork as they initially indicated.

For more, information, photos and data regarding this project please check the
Ruka Llallin Domuche
project page.