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underground refuge


Undoubtedly, nowadays places have the attraction which can involve man in a kind of nostalgia that what was this place in the past and what is it now?
During years 1980 to 1988, Iran and Iraq had been at war for eight years. At the last parts of this war, in 1988, Iraq started to make air attacks on the residential areas of central cities in, refuge were built in different parts of Iran cities such as schools.
But in years after war, most of these places, which are located mostly in crowded areas among poor people, because of different reasons, became obsolete.
Our suggested site is an underground refuge in Meysam primary school. This school is located in Abdolah beigloo St.Hosein Ferdos alley,municipal NO.18,Tehran.the school is in the neighborhood of a sport center and a multipurpose open urban space. In this design, we try to join this obsolete underground refuge, which is many years that transformed to the stockroom, to the multipurpose open urban space that is located on opposite side of the school. We also try to use inhabitants and school student’s cooperation for creating other novel urban sites. Furthermore in this project we make attempt to use inexpensive materials such as: fabric roll, fabric, woods and other materials that can be bought easily and in a minimum price from shops of the area. These materials can be used by inhabitants and school students in a really simple technic Although the aim of this project is create the novel multi-functional urban space, we must also pay attention to people’s needs .in this project it has been tried that besides creating and injecting some modern urban spaces such as a public hall(for performing music concerts, theater, giving speeches and gatherings) small stores for selling the needs of the residents and temporary local bazaar are designed in order that we can create liveliness besides increasing the life quality of the residents and change its appearance as an abandoned war zone. For achieving to this aim, by removing some parts of underground refuge from underground and design a basic module with inexpensive material that can be repeated in all the collection and vicinity open urban space, we join internal and external activities of collection to each other.
As whole these principles could be counted for the design:
1. Being weightless
2. Being modular
3. Being portable
4. low cost of construction and reservation
5. The ability of being assembled by inexpert and local forces
6. Rapidness in assembling
7. Not imposed to the environment
8. Having flexibility
9. Having ability of expanding the module in the region and changing the appearance of it (Designing from detail to the whole)



Competition Details

  • Name: Open Architecture Challenge: [UN]Restricted Access
  • Host: Architecture for Humanity
  • Type: Public
  • Registration Deadline: May 01 2012
  • Submission Deadline: June 01 2012
  • Entry Fee: $50 USD Professionals , $25 USD Students , $0 USD Dues paying Architecture for Humanity Chapter members , $0 USD Developing Nations
  • Award: More than $5,000 in prizes
  • Status: Concluded

The competition entry ID for this project is 12282.

Project Details

NAME: underground refuge
PROJECT LEAD: Maryam Mahdieh
LOCATION: Tehran, Iran
START DATE: May 04, 2012
CURRENT PHASE: Design development


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