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Oshika House (牡鹿半島鮎川浜漁協女性部のための作業場)

Building Occupancy / Site Capacity: 

This is the first place winner of the first round of Build Back Better Tohoku.

Women’s Group of Oshika Peninsula Fishing Union in Ayukawa-hama in Ishinomaki has been making and selling woven bracelets with strings that fishermen use to fix fishing nets since a few months after the earthquake devastated their village. After the earthquake, they realized that they would need to diversify their economic structure in their village to build back their society, and become sustainable. They approach us to create a space for community gathering and serving food made fresh everyday on site to tourists and local laborers. By collaborating with the General Incorporate Association “Tumugiya”, a local organization helping the reconstruction effort in Tohoku, our funding helped these independent women to contribute rebuilding back their village better and stronger.


Ayukawa-hama, Ishinomaki, Miyagi


Project Details

NAME: Oshika House (牡鹿半島鮎川浜漁協女性部のための作業場)
PROJECT LEAD: Architecture for Humanity
LOCATION: Ayukawa-hama, Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan
START DATE: November 10, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete
COST: $51000 USD (Final)
SIZE: 71 sq. m
PROJECT TYPE: Community Center
COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION: General Incorporate Association tumugiya
DESIGN FIRM: Doogs Design
CLIENT: Mermamaid
FUNDING: GlobalGiving, Kimball International, PechaKucha Inspire Japan
BENEFICIARIES: 7 Mermamaid members and their families, Approximately 1,000 Ayukawahama residents

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