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Villa Rosa: Initial Phase

Tue, 2011-11-29 05:41

[Disclaimer] This is an area where a lot of rental units were destroyed. The grants allocated by Cordaid / Build Change to rebuild will not be sufficient to replace the same number of units as were there previously. AfH proposed a reconfiguration that would replace the same number of units, with the assumption that they will either be constructed incrementally or that additional money will be found through financing schemes with MFIs or materials suppliers. AfH is currently looking into various options for this.

On Site
Matthew Johnston, Frédérique Siegel, Laneau Jean Carmel, Jean Étienne Boisvert

(1) Reconstruction of 114C, 13A and 10A more or less in the same location with minor terracing.
Reaction: Owners agree with proposal.

(2) Reconstruction of 35A and 114A as attached buildings with 11A on second storey of 35A and 34A on 2nd storey of 114A. Free up space of 11A for children's playing area.
Reaction: owners 34A, 35A, and 114A were not present. Owner 11A was tentative about moving to second storey of another building. Long discussion ensued about whether it is legally possible for different people to own different storeys of same building. He finally agreed that in theory, he was ok with the idea, as long as his footprint was used as a play area and as long as the ownership issue is resolved.

(3) Proposed reconstruction of rental units in 115A. Depends on funding, not going to be supported by Build Change / Cordaid.
Reaction: Owner not present.