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Mogalakwena Football for Hope Centre

Fri, 2013-03-15 04:08

March 8

Date of site handover: 29 August 2012
Date of Practical Completion: Wednesday 20 February 2013
Date of Works Completion: 27 February 2013. Defects Liability Period (90 calendar days) begins at Works Completion.
•Date of Final Completion: 28 May 2013 (Inspection after lapse of Defects Liability Period)

Date of commencement: 14 November 2012
Date of Final Completion: 25 January 2013
•Greenfields Installation:
Date of install: Completed 1 February 2013
Yingli/ Phaesun Installation
Date of install: Completed. 25 – 27 Feb 2013
Opening Event:
Scheduled Date: Occurred on 8 March 2013
•Design Fellow contract expires Friday 15 March 2013

•The Opening Ceremony hosted by Red Cross was a success! Representatives of local and provincial government were present as well as streetfootballworld and FIFA. The event was in two parts, commencing at the Municipal Chamber and then moving onto the Football for Hope premises. A key note address was given by Member of the Executive Council (MEC) Ms. Dipuo Letsatsi-Duba for the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture on behalf of the premier of Limpopo Province. In honouring International Womens Day, the first official match played on the Football for Hope pitch was between 2 girls under 16 soccer teams. The community showed their support with attendance even though the day was hindered by the presence of heavy rains in the morning. Food and beverages were served to all to compliment performances from local entertainers.

•Last site visit: 6 - 8 March 2013
•Connection to Municipal sewer line was made on 7 March 2013. Line was tested and is operational. The Municipality will continue to monitor functionality as the system will be in full use.
•Payment Certificate 3: Contractor has confirmed receipt of payment. Payment Certificate 4 currently in process of approval by Architecture for Humanity. This will be the penultimate payment to the Final Account.
•Outstanding works for Final Completion: Steel gates to doors have been condemned as the manufacturing was not to detail specification. Amendments are currently underway and should be complete by Friday 15 March 2013.
•Building signage: External signage to be returned to manufacturer, due to limited time temporary signs have been created for the Opening. Final signage to be completed by Friday 15 March 2013.
•Fencing and parking area were completed in the run up to the Opening. Design fellow secured a late donation from the Municipality for 20 indigenous trees and ground cover planting to guard against soil erosion. This brings to total 28 trees currently on site.

Yingli/ Phaesun:

•Status of work: Completed. Date of Installation: 25 – 27 February 2013
•Final Completion: 6 x antennas were missing and therefore each solar panel cannot be programmed individually. Design fellow is coordinating with Francis Hillman of Phaesun and Trevor Wheeler of SolarSun for the delivery of antennas and installation/ programming on site. Final Completion will be confirmed once materials are in the country. In the meantime, solar light panels are operational. Maiden ‘switch on’ was the evening of 27 February 2013. Centre Host is aware of status. Manuals and master remote were handed to the Centre Host 1 March. Certificate of Acceptance was signed by the Centre Host at this time.