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Shizugawa Fishermen's Workplace "Banya" and Oyster Bar(志津川本浜番屋)

Mon, 2013-08-12 01:32

Shuzugawa Banya, now complete!
All the minor(some major) tweaks have been straightened out. All windows are replaced with new ones, door sills are reinforced, and wood steps are installed.
Keys are handed to Mr. Sato.

According to Mr. Sato, the fishermen group must soon depart back to their own individual operations due to the limited government support, and must now think about the ownership of the banya. Mr. Sato and the group is thinking of donating it to the local marine association. We must now closely watch the fate of this wonderful project.

As for now, Mr. Sato is very pleased with the banya saying, "Looking at others around us with tents, we are very fortunate to have this amazing building. Its so much more than anything I asked for".
I think its safe to say he was pleased with the result.

Newly installed and sealed windows

Mr. Sato locking the shutter door