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Manica Football for Hope Center

Tue, 2013-04-30 06:36

30 APR

These are the last days in the project and in Manica.

We are very happy because everything was successfully made and all of us and the community are very proud of the work achieved.

There were some challenges and obstacles in the middle but at the end the results give strength and confidence to everyone involved.

The centre is the seed that will continue to grow in other project of the centre host,Futeco Park. Plainting more trees, producing bricks as a new income source or to build new facilities as the one is getting built at this moment, the storage.

It was a magnificent experience with a very nice community and city where we made lots of friends. And of course, we feel happy but sad at the same time because of this wonderful time passed here and for saying goodbye.

But we will continue in touch! Sharing experiences as always!

Thanks to all involved (centre host, afh, organizations and partners, friends, professionals, community) in the project and for the hard work!

Hope to see you soon!

Mayta'bassa Shamwaris!