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Entered into: Asia Challenge

This proposed Telemedicine Center design is meant to inspire. In deciding on its form, I took inspiration from the site itself. The fields are a source of life for locals. They are agriculturally formed, with curving steps appearing in plan. This curving, organic form was meshed with the often simple, rectangular form of Nepal's vernacular architecture. The design brings together this common design characteristic with a modern appeal. The form is meant to be welcoming, reaching out to those who it will serve. The materials used - all local materials, such as fieldstone, mud, clay, and brick - will again tie together the vernacular feel. This use of only local materials will also achieve the desired sustainability and local contribution. The building is layed out so that there is a relative separation between public and private, with all private staff spaces on the second floor. The space creates an open, organic feel that will comfort those inside. Afterall, this Telemedicine Center is here for one reason: to heal.


Sanfe Bagar, Achham, Seti

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Competition Details

The competition entry ID for this project is 1091.

Project Details

NAME: 1091_Nyaya
PROJECT LEAD: Entrant 1091
LOCATION: Sanfe Bagar, Achham, Seti, Nepal
START DATE: September 07, 2007
CURRENT PHASE: Design complete
SIZE: 1880 Unspecified
PROJECT TYPE: Health Clinic
END USER/OCCUPANT: Villagers of Sanfe, Nepal
CLIENT: Nyaya Health
PROJECT COORDINATOR: Architecture for Humanity