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Pillars of Sustainable Education

Supporting the Future of Materials and Design Innovation

Projects Announced

See Pillars of Sustainable Eduction for more information.

Registration Deadline: June 12 2013
Submission Deadline: June 12 2013
Entry Fee: $00 USD By Invite Only
Hosted by: Alcoa Foundation & Architecture for Humanity

Open Architecture Challenge: [UN]Restricted Access

From military space to civic space

Dotting the global landscape, decommissioned military installations are leaving their mark – symbols of triumph, pride, pain and the unforeseen consequences of military aggression. These abandoned structures and ghost towns disrupt neighborhoods and split entire communities.

Current Status: Concluded
Registration Deadline: May 01 2012
Submission Deadline: June 01 2012
Entry Fee: $50 USD Professionals, $25 USD Students, $0 USD Developing Nations
Award: More than $5,000 in prizes
Hosted by: Architecture for Humanity

The 2012 ASID Student Design Competition

Close your eyes and imagine how you are living, working or playing in 2025

How Will YOU Impact Design in 2025?

Registration Deadline: February 15, 2012
Submission Deadline: February 15, 2012
Entry Fee: $25 USD ASID Members Only
Award: $2000
Hosted by: American Society of Interior Designers

Campus Unlimited

Bringing Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti (UPT) back to Christchurch.

The tragic earthquake in Christchurch earlier this year rendered the downtown inoperable. With 40% of building in the central business district set for demolition the face of the city will be changed forever. At the heart of the city lay the campus of the Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti(UPT).

upt banner.jpg
Current Status: Completed
Registration Deadline: December 15th 2011
Submission Deadline: December 15th 2011
Entry Fee: $25 USD International Design Professionals, $10 USD New Zealand Design Professionals, $0 USD Students
Award: $2000 NZD, IPad 2 runner-up, IPad 1 founder's prize (people's choice award)
Hosted by: Architecture for Humanity Auckland




Thanks to everyone who submitted their proposal. We are pleased to announce the winner: Habi Girgis! Check out the main competition page for the phenomenal final result.

Registration Deadline: August 31, 2011
Submission Deadline: August 31, 2011
Award: Contract for Identity Work
Hosted by: Architecture for Humanity
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