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Freewheel Tutorial

Autodesk Freewheel and the Open Architecture Network

Architecture for Humanity had worked with Autodesk Labs to allow you to view 2D and 3D design files in your browser and collaborate more easily. You can open CAD files directly in the workspace of your project by converting any CAD file to DWF and uploading it to your project.

Here's how...

To view your own files in Freewheel on the Open Architecture Network:

  1. Convert your CAD file to DWF. To do this with a DWG in AutoCAD, enter "Publish" on the Command line and save as a DWF
  2. Upload the DWF file to your project files.
    • Make them viewable in the workspace by checking the box "Add file to workspace"
    • Check the box "Make available for adaptations" to share your CAD file with other members of the Open Architecture Network
  3. In your project workspace you can now view the DWF file and use the innovative Freewheel features
  4. To view files shared by other Open Architecture Network members look for available DWF files in the Files tab for the project you are viewing.


    Zoom, Pan, and Orbit tools to navigate design details
    Print designs quickly and at any detail level
    Email the design as you see it – without screenshots or attachments. A link is put directly into the body of your email. Designs will open at the exact angel and zoom that you sent.

System Requirements

If you access the internet in Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can use the Autodesk Freewheel. It really is that easy.

Get more information about Freewheel from Autodesk Labs.