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ETDC 2011: Thinking Outside the Boxes

The 5th Annual USGBC-Los Angeles Emerging Talent Design Competition

Using shipping containers as building materials and inspiration, teams are encouraged to create aesthetically pleasing, sustainable core and shell designs for a multipurpose structure in Long Beach. Teams are to be made up of students and young professionals with a variety of backgrounds and a common interest in green building. A strong winning design will be considered by the City of Long Beach for the site at Broadway and Long Beach Blvd. In addition, winning teams will be featured on the USGBC’s website and will receive recognition at the 8th Annual AltBuild Expo in Santa Monica.

Among the elements the project will feature, bold and innovative architecture is paramount. In recognition of the Port’s influence, the City seeks shipping container designs that employ a unique blend of building materials that are non-traditional, environmentally sustainable, and aesthetically appealing. The structure shall be designed with the potential for de-construction and re-assembly to accommodate future relocation. Designs shall complement surrounding land uses, with particular attention given to the American Hotel adaptive reuse project on an adjacent parcel. In addition to the structural components, the project needs to activate its prominent downtown location with landscaping, lighting, and artistic elements incorporated into the site.

The structure will be a multi-use facility that encourages public engagement by providing recreation, education, and/or community gathering opportunities on the ground floor. To accommodate its destination status, a portion of the structure shall provide temporary lodging. Flexible office space shall also be incorporated to offer creative residents of Downtown a place to meet and collaborate. Automobile parking is not required due to the site’s accessibility to multimodal means of transportation, including the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s Blue Line.

Finalists Announced!

B.O.X. Beyond Ordinary eXperience, Cincinati Ohio
- Jeremy Schlicher

E-C.O.R.R.E. Environmental Center of Regenerative Research Education, Los Angeles
- Andrew Hernandez, Associate AIA, LEED AP
- Jacqueline Munoz
- Jesus Eddie Magana, LEED AP
- Paulina Bouyer Magana

Pier - Geovanny Chevez & Team, Palmdale
- Abdul Kader Noureddine Kabbani
- Alexander William Towpasz
- Chelsea Elizabeth Cordero
- Geovanny Anthony Chevez

Tread Lightly, Los Angeles
- Al Ataide
- Macus Hock Yean Hoh
- Diego Cano-Lasso
- Lindsay Merget

Emerging Professional Honorable Mention:

RE, Long Beach
- Jessica Widdup
- Felly Rusali
- Candace Lockley

Student Honorable Mention:

The Bin, Los Angeles
- Danielle Figel

May 7th at AltBuild,, final judging will occur and winner will be announced.

$1,000 Cash prize awarded to winner! Thank you to our Gold Sponsor!

Media Links

Inside Long Beach video:

Examiner: Emerging Green Professionals are Put to the Task with Design Competition:


USGBC-LA Emerging Professionals’ 5th Annual Emerging Talent Design Competition, in partnership with the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency and City of Long Beach Office of Sustainability, and in collaboration with AIA COTE (Committee on the Environment), provides applied learning experience in the principles of integrated design, sustainability, and innovation, all of which are components of the LEED® Green Building Rating System™. USGBC Chapters across the nation hold local competitions and recognition for finalists is given to showcase emerging talent in our industry. Last year USGBC National partnered with The Salvation Army’s EnviRenew and Enterprise Community Partners to build four homes in the Broadmoor Neighborhood in New Orleans. This year USGBC Chapters are hosting unique competitions with a regional emphasis to stimulate community sustainability, innovation and social equity. This current opportunity advances the mission of USGBC-LA, which is to promote sustainability in Los Angeles County’s built environment by delivering access to knowledge, resources, recognition and networking.

Competition Objectives

  • Broaden environmental education in the building professions within the university system and emerging professionals.
  • Encourage students and emerging professionals within the green building movement to become future leaders.
  • Highlight the presence, efforts and initiative of students and emerging leaders in the green building movement.
  • Promote synergies within a team comprised of multiple disciplines including, but not limited to architecture, interior design, engineering, landscape architecture, finance and planning, which all assist in a whole-systems design approach.
  • Introduce students to esteemed individuals from the USGBC and green building industry.
  • Raise awareness of innovative designs and emerging talent
  • Incorporate regional considerations, innovative material use, and local community considerations.
  • Utilize LEED as a guideline for building design and performance
  • Increase awareness and understanding of the 2010 California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen).
  • Increase collaboration between community organizations.
  • Recognize and award students and emerging professionals for their dedication, creativity, innovation and commitment to sustainable design.

Competition Schedule

Dates Competition Schedule*
January 17, 2011 Competition Opens
February 12, 2011 Site Visit / Design Charrette**
February 18, 2011 Early Registration Deadline
March 21, 2011 Late Registration Deadline
April 8, 2011 Submittals Due
April 22, 2011 Finalists Announced
May 7, 2011 Finalists*** Present, Winners Announced

* Dates subject to change and all registered teams will be notified, and promotional documents and media channels will be updated to appropriately reflect updates.

** Details and calendar can be found a

*** Finalists must be able to present at AltBuild to win

For the most up-to-date information, please visit the main competition page at:

Competition Jury

  • Amy Bodek, Director of Long Beach Development Services -- Lead Juror / Site Owner
  • Walter Scott Perry -- Architect AIA- Co-Chair COTE LA, EcoTech Design
  • Paul Danna, Director of Design, AECOM, Los Angeles
  • John Zinner -- Zinner Consultants LEED C+S, CALGreen insight
  • Eric Corey Freed, organicARCHITECT -- Architecture and Innovative Design
  • Leo Parker, Parker-Resnick -- Structural Engineer
  • Eric Engheben, 44 West Construction -- Contractor
  • Aravind Batra, P2S Engineering -- MEP Sustainability

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Competition Partners

Competition Sponsors

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Gold Sponsor:

Competition banner image photo courtesy of: jgmorard

Competition Details

  • Name: ETDC 2011: Thinking Outside the Boxes
  • Host: USGBC-LA, Long Beach Redevelopment Agency, AIA COTE
  • Type: Public
  • Registration Deadline: March 21, 2011
  • Submission Deadline: April 8, 2011
  • Entry Fee: $40 USD Emerging Professionals , $20 USD Students
  • Status: